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Posted on: August 9th, 2017by Ivana Stamenkovic

Before you got pregnant and started looking for baby equipment, you thought that choosing adequate things is easy and that you'd enjoy it. However, now even the choice of the simplest things, such as the bathtub, seems like a nightmare. But try to look at a large selection as an advantage, rather than a problem. You have the ability to choose everything you buy according to your needs - all you need is to know what are you looking for and what to pay attention to.

Types of Baby Bathtubs

Standard tub - This is just a simple plastic tub. It's cheap, usually without many additional features.
Convertible tub - This is the tub with adjustable positions so it can grow with your baby.
Foldable tub - This is the tub that collapses for easier storage and transportation.
Inflatable tub - This is the tub you can deflate for even easier storage and transportation that the foldable tub.
Luxury tub - This is the spa-like tub. It's expensive, but it comes with many different features - small shower nozzle, calming vibrations, automatic bubble machine, motorized water jets...

Baby Bathtub Features You Should Look for

Bath stand - A bath stands raise your baby's bathtub to a comfortable height, so you don't have to bend or kneel.
Bath support - Some bathtubs have a gentle incline which allows your baby to lay in a slightly upright position and others have removable mesh or fabric slings (you can also buy them separately).
Temperature gauge - Today many bathtubs come equipped with some kind of a temperature gauge which lets you know if the water is too hot or too cold. This indicator can be digital or a color-changing sticker. If you're thinking about buying a bathtub that doesn't come with a temperature indicator, you can buy one separately. Remember that even if you use the indicator, you should always check the water temperature with your elbow or wrist.
Drain plug - With a drain plug removing the water is quick and simple. There's no need for you to lift or carry a bathtub full of water (which can be quite heavy).
Water-fill line - Some bathtubs come with a raised or printed line around the inside of the tub (with the word "MAX"), so you can always be sure that there's just the right amount of water. This is quite handy for first-time parents or if sometimes someone else is going to bath a baby.
Non-slip surface - This helps you keep your baby in place during the bath time.
Cup holder - This is the place where you can place a soap or a cup for rinsing.

Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Bathtub for a Baby

Where are you going to use it? - Some bathtubs are small enough to fit in a sink and others can be used only in an adult bathtub (or on a table or a bath stand).
How long are you going to use it? - If a bathtub is too small, your baby might outgrow it. You can either buy another bathtub once your baby gets older or buy a larger bathtub at first.
Do you have enough space for storage when it's not in use? - If you have a small bathroom and no other place where you could store a bathtub, think about the one that you can fold or deflate.
Do you plan to carry it with you when traveling? - Bathtubs that fold or deflate are convenient for transportation, too.
How easy is it to clean it? - You're going to clean it each and every day, so pay attention to how easy is to clean it (but also how easy is for it to dry, you don't want mildew or mold to appear). The more crevices and holes a bathtub has, the harder is for it to clean and dry.

Second-hand Bathtubs

If you aren't in the possibility to buy a new one, you want to save some money, or simply you have a bathtub that you can use - why not. Just make sure that it's in good condition and that there haven't been any recalls on that particular product.  Give it a thorough cleaning, and you're ready to use it once the baby is born.

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