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Posted on: October 9th, 2017by Casey Anderson

Somewhere, a soon to be mother and father are preparing their life for their upcoming Padawan. Star Wars is pretty main-stream nowadays, and you don't have to be a 'geek' to know about the universe or like it. Of course, some of us are still geeks about and love nearly everything Star Wars.

And as you know, geeks have babies too. Are you a soon to be parent who can't wait for your child to grow up and learn about The Force and the Jedi Council? You want to show them all the movies, starting with the classics then prequel right? Or maybe not.

But either way, we all like to introduce the young ones to all the things we love, be they hobbies, fan franchises, occupations etc. Your Padawan Learners going to have to be a lot older before you start teaching them how to use a lightsaber though.

But here's what you can do! Start out their life on the light side with an awesome Star Wars related name! The Star Wars universe is HUGE, so I had to reel myself in a wee bit. I'm just pulling names from movies here, but I'm doing all the movies, not just my favorites!


Luke Ok, he's the obvious choice. Our first met hero of the universe. The name means 'light giving' which works out with Luke being a Jedi Knight for the light side. The newer movies withstanding, Luke has always been a great role model.

Han Another hero from the first series of movies also considered affectionately as the scoundrel. A lot of women swooned over him. He was dashing and daring and just a little bit of a bad boy. The name means 'self-restraint' in Chinese. This is a great name to live up to!

Anakin I believe this name was created for the Star Wars universe. So, it's unique and original. The character starts out as an adorable little boy, with some trips into the dark side along the way. But in the end, he comes through for the galaxy. The prequel series focuses on him. A more complex history for the deeper Padawan.

Lando Lando is a complex guy that we both loved and hated from the original trilogy. He makes some bad decisions but comes through in the end. This appears to be an original name as well, but versions of it are said to mean 'famous country.' It has a nice sort of tough guy ring to it that your boy will grow up to love.

Poe Poe is a character from the new The Force Awakens movie. He plays a somewhat significant role and I believe he will be showing up in some of the prequel and in-between movies. It could also be associated with Edgar Allan Poe, a popular writer in history.

Finn This seems to be one of the new front men of the current trilogy. He's a likable guy, a bit silly, a bit brave and a little awkward. You can't help but like him. The name feels the same way, who could not like a baby boy named Finn? It's origin is Irish and is based on a mythical figure.


Leia Most of us know Princess Leia, or in the later movies General Organa. She was one of the first princesses that I saw kick butt in a movie! The world needs more tough princesses! The name has Biblical origins and several meanings. Among them 'weary' 'languid and relaxed.' As a character, she's hard not to love, I'm sure your little girl will be the same.

Rey The meaning of Rey is 'Regal' and we think it is a regal sounding name. Rey is one of the main characters of the new trilogy. She's pretty kick butt and she has questionable heritage. Is she a Jedi? Is she a Skywalker? We don't know yet! That mystery and the mysterious and cool sound of the name makes it a sure pick to us!

Padme Padme is one of the main characters of the prequel, and extremely influential to all the other movies. No spoilers in case anyone doesn't know! The name is quite beautiful and means 'lotus.' Padme plays both a queen and a senator for the planet of Naboo. She risks herself to save her people on numerous occasions. So it is both a powerful and beautiful name.

Jyn This is an invented name for the Rogue One movie. But it's close to Jin, which means 'gold.' Jyn is a reluctant and originally selfish sort of surprise heroine. You grow to like her quickly however. It's a short and spunky sounding name that would work well for any brave little girl.

Sabé She is one of Padme Amidala's handmaidens, often used as a decoy for the queen. Throughout much of the movie she is believed to be the queen, thus she also risks herself for her people. It's a pretty name, and a pet name from the name Sable. It means 'black.'

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