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Posted on: September 1st, 2017by Ivana Stamenkovic

When you eagerly expect to become pregnant, every change will seem to you as a sign. But many of these changes are similar to the ones happening during the pre-menstrual period.

Late or missed period - The most well-known symptom, although many others may appear before it. When your menstruation is unusually late -  it's time to take a pregnancy test.

Spotting - This is called the implantation bleeding, and it occurs from six to 12 days after the egg is fertilized.

Breasts' and nipples' changes - Other common early symptoms are related to breasts. They may feel heavier or more sensitive, and your nipples might be darker and bumpier.

Stomach cramps - They can easily be confused with menstrual cramps because they occur in that time of the month when you're expecting your period to come.

Stomach pains - You'll also experience many other weird things happening in your stomach. You'll have the feeling that something is stretching in there and you'll feel of sorts of pains (pinching, tweezing, plucking).

Feeling dizzy - Before they found out they're pregnant, some women feel dizzy or faint all of a sudden.

Feeling nausea - You must have heard about a morning sickness. Many women have it but don't all throw up. What you should know is that it doesn't happen only in the morning - you may have it in the afternoon or late in the evening, as well.

Tiredness - You'll feel so exhausted even though you've just woken up.

Sleeplessness - No wonder you'll often feel tired when one of the common symptoms of pregnancy is insomnia.

Strange dreams - During pregnancy, your dreams might become weird and more vivid.

Being oversensitive (feeling grumpy or tearful) - Your hormones are changing, so this is all normal.

Bloating - It's possible that your tummy will look swollen, even though the baby is still teeny-tiny.

Frequent trips to the toilet - Another well-known symptom. You should get used to this one.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) - If you think that you might have UTI it's very important that you visit a doctor and get the appropriate therapy.

Trapped wind - Even though it’s normal, you'll feel more uncomfortable when ‘trapped wind’ becomes ‘passed wind’.

Constipation or diarrhea - You'll probably experience either one or the other.

Change in cervical mucus - Cervical mucus changes during the period, and once you become pregnant it’s usually thick and pale. You shouldn’t worry if there's some brownish discharge – this is common and harmless.

Metallic taste in your mouth - This symptom has its own name, and it's 'dysgeusia' (and it doesn't happen only during pregnancy).

More saliva and drooling - Some women have more saliva in their mouth and start drooling when they're asleep.

Dry mouth and thirstiness - And the other women have a dry mouth and feel thirstier than usual. You should check with your doctor whether this is a sign of gestational diabetes.

Bleeding gums - Changes in hormone levels can cause your gums to soften and swell, which then causes them to bleed when you brush them.

Back pain - Hormones relax ligaments in your back which then might cause pain your lower back.

Leg cramps - Leg cramps usually occur later in pregnancy, but you might experience them at the beginning, too.

Heightened sense of smell - It's possible that during pregnancy you'll smell some scents that you previously didn't, and that some odors will make you sick.

Stuffy nose - There'll be more mucus, and you might have a runny nose, as well.

Bleeding from your nose - The last time your nose was bleeding probably was when you were a child, but this is likely to happen in pregnancy too.

Increased/decreased appetite - Some expecting mothers are simply not hungry, while others have cravings for certain food.

Spots and acne/no spots and acne - Hormonal changes cause these changes on your skin. If you haven't had spots or acne, they may appear now. But, if you had them, you'll face may be more beautiful than ever.

Hot flushes - This isn’t only a menopause side effect, it’s also a pregnancy symptom.

Sixth sense - Although it's not a real sign, you'll probably experience it. You'll simply KNOW that this time this is IT.

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