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Posted on: August 7th, 2017by Ivana Stamenkovic

If you think you finally know everything about the babies, that you've heard and read it all, and that nothing could surprise you - read carefully. Those little beings are full of surprises, but don't worry - most of the weird things that newborns do are totally normal.

They sneeze often - Although most parents will first think about it, this doesn't mean that the baby is sick. Most often, she just hasn't yet got used to the world outside the womb - babies might be extra-sensitive to lots of things we're already immune to. Another common reason for sneezing could be to get rid of extra mucus or any other little foreign particles (even amniotic fluid) from her nasal passages.

They have jerky movements - Sometimes these movements will happen randomly and sometimes when the baby hears a loud noise. These movements are more commonly known as Moro reflex, and they'll start to settle down around 3 or 4 months. Until then, it wouldn't be bad to swaddle your baby, so she doesn't wake herself up with these sudden movements.

They have oddly-shaped heads - Babies have soft heads, so no wonder that sometimes during delivery some flattening can occur. Some flat spots could also appear later on from lying on one side too much. If you notice this, you should increase your baby's tummy time while she's awake. Another option is to alternate where you place the toys so that she rotates evenly on both sides.

They have blood in the diaper - Because of exposure to their mother's hormones, baby girls sometimes have a 'mini-period'. Even though it looks a little bit odd - there's nothing to worry about. And once the level of the hormones evens out it will pass.

They have a soft spot on their head - In order for them to be able to pass through the birth canal, babies have more flexible skulls and a soft spot on their heads. Over the time, this soft spot will harden up and close, but until then you shouldn’t touch it.

Their legs look a little bowed - Babies spend nine months curled in the womb, so you shouldn't be surprised if their legs look a little bit bowed once they're born. Even though they'll straighten over the time, maybe you'll have to do some exercises with them.

They might have wrinkles - This is often the case with premature babies, but even the most full-term babies have little wrinkles on their hands and feet. As the baby grows, these wrinkles will disappear.

They have red splotches - Some babies have dark red and purplish spots on their head and face or behind their neck. Sometimes they’re always present and sometimes they show up when the baby cries a lot. These splotches are called 'stork bites' and are completely normal. They aren't permanent, so eventually, they'll disappear (probably within the first year).

They have scratches all over their face - Don't worry - it's not you the one who made those scratches. Some babies, after they're born, have long sharp fingernails with which they often made small nips and cuts on their heads, because they aren't able to completely control their movements. Until you feel ready to clip those fingernails, you might put some scratch mittens on your baby's hands.

Their skin seems a little yellowy - If your baby has jaundice, her skin and whites of her eyes might seem a little bit yellowish. This usually occurs right after she's born. Some babies might get better without the treatment, and some might need some phototherapy treatment while they're in the hospital.

Even though all these weird things are totally normal, if you're ever concerned about anything your baby does, don't hesitate to speak to your baby's pediatrician.

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