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RaagaBorn FifthBelongs to Music Terms
RaahiDoeTravellerGood Companion
RaainaRockForm of PeterCalm and Composed
RaashiEssenceSign of the Zodiac
RaashidaSmallHumbleStringLittleLoverBelovedIn Begining
RaayaA QuillGreat BehaviourNever Lies
RababSmallHumbleStringLittleLoverBelovedIn BeginingWhite Cloud
RabeccaSmallHumbleStringLittleLoverBelovedIn Begining
RabeckaQueenFemale Companion
RabekaA Quill
RabekahSmallHumbleStringLittleLoverBelovedIn BeginingWhite Cloud
RabekkaSmallHumbleStringLittleLoverBelovedIn BeginingWhite Cloud
RabiaFamousGodlySpringThe Fourth Female
RabiahFamousGodlySpringThe Fourth Female
RabiyaA Quill
RacelMost BeautifulThe Little FingerPink ColouredSweetPinkish
RacelynRockForm of PeterCalm and Composed
RaceySmallHumbleStringLittleLoverBelovedIn BeginingWhite Cloud
RachaeQueenFemale Companion
RachaelLightPitySnow-cladA Western Usa StateSnow CappedEwe
RachaleA Quill
RacheDivine PowerDiminutive of Oswald
RachealFifthDerived from Roman Clan NameFrom the Place Owned by the Fifth Son
RachelInnocence of a LambSheepEweFemale SheepLittle LambOne with PurityJacob's WifeLambGental
RachelannA Quill
RachelanneDivine PowerDiminutive of Oswald
RacheleLovedOf Great ValueHighly Esteemed
RachellStrongly BelovedFriend of StrengthGreatly LovedPowerfulLoved OneLove Strong
RachellaThe FifthFrom the Queen's EstateFifth in Order
RachelleEweLambFemale Sheep
RachelleanneA Quill
RachelmarieDivine PowerDiminutive of Oswald
RachelyA Quill
RachielA PenelopeWife of OdysseysWhite ShoulderFionnulaDream WeaverDuckHard Working
RachitaDivine PowerDiminutive of OswaldPreparedCreator
RachnaFamousGodlySpringThe Fourth FemaleConstructionArrangement
RachonThe FifthFrom the Queen's EstateFifth in Order
RachylBlackbirdSmall FalconA BirdAbleBlack BirdSea Bright
RacieDaughter of King
RacineFirst Rose
RackelA Quill
RacqualFamousGodlySpringThe Fourth FemaleConstructionArrangement
RacquelFirst Rose
RacquellSmallHumbleStringLittleLoverBelovedIn Begining
RacyFamousGodlySpringThe Fourth Female
RadellA Quill
RadellaElfin Counselor
RadeneBlackbirdSmall FalconA BirdAbleBlack BirdSea Bright
RadhaThe FifthFrom the Queen's EstateFifth in OrderSuccessProsperityThe Beloved of Lord KrishnaLord Krishna's Lover
RadhikaThe FifthFrom the Queen's EstateFifth in OrderSuccessfulProsperousRadhaLover of Krishna
RadiaDaughter of KingRadio
RadiahThe FifthFrom the Queen's EstateFifth in OrderSuccessProsperityThe Beloved of Lord KrishnaLord Krishna's Lover
RadianceFamousGodlySpringThe Fourth Female
RadieMost BeautifulThe Little FingerPink ColouredSweetPinkish
RadineFirst Rose
RadiyaSmallHumbleStringLittleLoverBelovedIn BeginingWhite Cloud
RadoikaThe FifthFrom the Queen's EstateFifth in Order
RadonnaLovedOf Great ValueHighly Esteemed
RaeGraceDoeEweWise ProtectionVariation of RaymondFemale Sheep
RaeahSmallHumbleStringLittleLoverBelovedIn Begining
RaeanaFifthSurnameVariant of Quentin FifthDog of the Plain
RaeanahBlackbirdSmall FalconA BirdAbleBlack BirdSea BrightForm of Nika
RaeannFirst Rose
RaeannaBlackbirdSmall FalconA BirdAbleBlack BirdSea Bright
RaeanneLovedOf Great ValueHighly Esteemed
RaechalLovedOf Great ValueHighly Esteemed
RaechelLovedOf Great ValueHighly Esteemed
RaechelleBlackbirdSmall FalconA BirdAbleBlack BirdSea Bright
RaedawnFifthSurnameVariant of Quentin FifthDog of the Plain
RaedeanFirst Rose
RaedeneMost BeautifulThe Little FingerPink ColouredSweetPinkish
RaedselfElfin Counselor
RaeesahFirst RosePrincess
RaeganDescendant of the Little KingChild of the Small RulerSpiritual Strength
RaegannFamousGodlySpringThe Fourth Female
RaegenFamousGodlySpringThe Fourth Female
RaegeneA Quill
RaeghanFamousGodlySpringThe Fourth Female
RaeginBlackbirdSmall FalconA BirdAbleBlack BirdSea Bright
RaeginaFirst Rose
RaegynA Quill
RaehannaFamousGodlySpringThe Fourth Female
RaeishaDivine PowerDiminutive of Oswald
RaejeanMost BeautifulThe Little FingerPink ColouredSweetPinkish
RaelaA Quill
RaelahFifthSurnameVariant of Quentin FifthDog of the Plain
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