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Name: Sarah No. of characters: 5 Gender: GirlBoyOrigin: English French German Hebrew Arabic Biblical Biblical Hebrew
Religion: Hindu Muslim How to pronounce Sarah sa-rah What does my name mean? 
Meanings: Princess Lady Woman of High Rank Pure Happy Hebrew origin, meaning: Princess. Traditional, timeless name, popular in many countries. Known in the Bible as Abraham's wife. Namesake: Sarah Kirsch, German writer.

Sarah was ranked 907 in 2016 US male names list and elevated by 0.77% from its previous ranking of 914 in 2015. Sarah was ranked 57 in 2016 girls names list in US and remain unchanged from its previous ranking in 2015. Comes from the Hebrew "sarah" Means: "Princess" If party October 9 or 24 May. What characterizes them all, it is their presence, poise and natural authority. Under sometimes haughty appearances,Sarahhide a genuine shyness. Sarah are very sociable, love to receive love and family gatherings. These are "fonceuses" to make every effort to succeed. Sarah are generally gentle and discreet. In love,Sarahare faithful women who willingly live in the shadow of the oneSarahlove.

Full form of Sarah : Sympathetic Authoritative Righteous Amusing Humble

Sarah is a very very popular first name for a girl in England & Wales which is popular since 1996 and ranked 96 in 2015. Around 23895 people wear Sarah as their first name. Sarah is a very consistent name over the past 18 years.

Sarah was a very very popular first name for girl but is a rare first name for a boy which is a rare boy name since 2016 and ranked 907 in 2016 in United States. Around 1073116 people wear Sarah as their first name. Sarah is a very consistent name over the past 130 years. 0.296884% of people in US have this given name.

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The verb to fight or to rule furnished both the names of the wife of Abraham; Sarai was thus converted into Sarah. If we may judge from the example of the bride of Tobias, the daughters of Sarah were occasionally called by her name, and Zara has been, with what correctness I know not, used as an eastern name.

Similarity of sound, indeed, led the loose etymologists of former days into deriving the term Saracen from the supposed assumption of this race to be descended from Sarah, in preference to Hagar; whereas the fact was that they never so called themselves at all, but recieved the title from their neighbours because they came from the East - in Arabic, sara.

Sarah now and then occurs in England, as with Sara Beauchamp but I suspect that she as well as Sarrota de Multon, who lived in the former reign, were alterations of some of the derivatives of the Teutonic prefix Signifying victory, as the masculine Saher or Serlo certainly came from Sigeheri. Sarah was never commonly used till after the Reformation, when it began to grow very popular, with its contraction Sally; and at the same time it was adopted as the equivalent for no less than three Irish names - Sadhbh, Sorcha and Saraid. The two first are still in use, but always land Kelts make a still stranger use of Sarah, which they use to translate their native Mor (great), perhaps in consequence of its meaning.

Elsewhere the name is occasionally used without the h that our bibilical translators gave it. It is not, however, very popular, though the French have used it enough to make it Sarotte; in Illyria its dimunitive is Sarica; in Lithuania it is Zore.

Charlotte Mary Yonge

Expression number of Sarah is 2

Sarah are the one everyone comes to, when in need of a good advice, a shoulder to cry on, or pretty much anything related to the feelings. You possess natural talent which allows you to recognize problems of others, approach them with a dose of empathy, yet still rationally solve their issues. There’s something about you which makes you a suitable partner, rather than a leader, and therefore a friendly face in the crowd. Sarah's power lies in the fact you work from the shadows, you’re not recognized, but you’re the mastermind behind everything. It can be frustrating, from time to time, not being in the spotlight and all, but for most of the time, you are satisfied with the idea, given you’re more important they would like to admit. The one in the shadow is the one capable of the undertaking, which also makes you the one in the position of power, not a visible one, yet the one who is to be treated respectfully.

Sarah take control over the situation by manipulating others, especially playing on the emotional card, but this particular quality can affect you more than you know, as it works two ways. You’ll receive what you provide, and given your key is emotion of the others, you too are a vulnerable. It’s not only you lose a shield, but you risk exposing yourself to conflict as well. As an emotional portion of the game, Sarah are also exposed to people channeling their anger in your direction. Often, they mistake you for a punching bag, and this falls hard on you, given all you seek is harmony. It’s not that you misjudge or that you are too sensitive, it’s mostly the circumstances that annoy you, the mere fact you’re losing it when it’s not your fault. Sometimes, the idea of emotional control can seem impossible to execute but that’s your job, and no matter how messy it gets, your type is to take it on.

Sarah's relationship with people must be close, as this is what fulfills them, you must be there at all times. Being thoughtful is what bakes you an excellent partner, a true friend, and a worthy associate. Nothing about you is simple, it’s all wrapped up in the bundle of emotions, each makes for a different situation. Some would even mark you as a manipulative, but in truth, you carry no malice. Sarah simply seek for everyone to reveal their deepest fears, their thoughts, in order to make them happy, in order to maintain balance, but in the deepest corner of your heart, what you seek is also everyone else to be pleased, and at the same time interconnected with the task.

Sarah may be the one who uses emotions in your line of work, but your strength lies in your ties to people, the connections you make, as they cannot see you as their opponent but rather their partner, which makes it for a great thing when it comes to variety of jobs.

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Names like Sarah Sarah Namesakes Related Names: Sara Saraa Saraann Saraanne Sarabel Sarabella Sarabelle Sarabeth Sarabi Sarada Sarae Saraelizabeth Sarafina Saragosa Saragrace Sarah Saraha Sarahann Sarahanne Sarahbella Posts having Sarah: Comments :Kam Wareham The name is generally attributed to the biblical figure Sarai back (Heb .: שָׂרַי) Gen 11:29 EU ), Abraham's wife, of Elohim ( God ) in Sara (Heb .: שָׂרָה) was renamed ( Gen 17,15 EU ). It is regarded as one of the matriarchs of Israel. It is estimated that the facts of his life to occur around 1800. C. Sarah is a first female original Aramaic and means princess or mistress, and Princess. In the Ugaritic and Aramaic religion was moon god as well as the morning star named Sahra or Sarah revered. Since Venus embodied as morning and evening star a female deity, Venus Nicknamed the Lady of Heaven . In the era of National Socialism from 1938, all Jewish women and girls have been forced, in addition the name Sara to accept; As goes by the name before the 1970s was not widespread, then took his popularity steadily. From the mid-1980s to mid-2000s, so for an unusually long period of about 20 years, was the name of the ten most awarded female names in Germany. In the 1990s he twice topped the frequency statistics. Since the second half of the 2000s its popularity has waned somewhat. In 2008, a about 60 newborn girls receives the name of Sarah Both characters are behind the success of that name: Sarah is in the Torah , the Bible and the Koran 1 , the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac . Sainte Sarah (or Sara e Kali , the Virgin black ) is the patron saint of the Gypsies who honor each May 24 during the pilgrimage to Saintes-Maries-de-la- Mer . In the Book of Tobit , part of deuterocanonical books , Sara is the wife of Tobit. Variants of Sarah: שרה, Sara (h) (Hebrew), Saro, Sahra (Aramaic), Sara (h) (German, English, French), Sari (Finnish), Saarke, Saartje (Frisian, Dutch), Sarina (nordossetisch / Caucasian Region, Japanese), Zarah (German), Sally (English, French), Saar (Dutch), Saara (Finnish), Sára, diminutive Sári (ka) (Hungarian), سارة, DMG Sara (Arabic), سارا, DMG Sārā (Persian), Sare (Kurdish), Zehra or Zara (Turkish) Popularity of Sarah
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