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AkkeVariant form of Akki
AkkuGreenlandic younger spelling of Avko
AkseFinnish pet form of Akseli (see Axelen)
Akseli(God The) Father Is Peace

AksoFinnish variant form of Akse
AksuFinnish pet form of Alexander
AkustiVariant form of Aukusti
AlaperttiFinnish variant form of Alpret
AlapiinFinnish variant form of Alpiin
AlapiiniFinnish variant form of Alpiini
AlappiFinnish variant form of Alpertti (see Adalberaht)
AlappoFinnish variant form of Alappi
AlariFinnish short form of Alarikki
AlarikkiFinnish form of Alarik
AlavariFinnish variant form of Alvari
AlbrecktCreative spelling of Albrekt
AleOld Wise Ruler Old Leader
AlekkaFinnish dialectal variant form of Alek
AleksiHelper of Man Defender of Mankind The Defender
AleksiusFinnish and Faroese variant spelling of Alexius
AleriFinnish short form of Alerikki
AlerikkiFinnish variant form of Alarikki
AlfeFinnish variant form of Alf
AlffeFinnish variant form of Alfe
AlffiFinnish variant form of Alfi
AlfoOld Finnish form of Alfons
AlfonsusLatinised form of Alfons
AlfreeFinnish variant form of Alfred
AlfreetiFinnish form of Alfred
AlfreettiFinnish variant form of Alfred
AlhvoFormer Finnish form of Alfons
AlkuFinnish alku = 'start, beginning'
AlpaanusFinnish form of Albanus
AlpeFinnish variant form of Alpo
AlpettiFinnish variant form of Alpertti
AlpiFinnish variant form of Alpo
AlpiinFinnish form of Albin
AlpiiniFinnish form of Albin
AlpiinusFinnish form of Albinus
AlpoFinnish pet form of Albin
AlppaFinnish variant form of Alpo

AlppeFinnish variant form of Alpo
AlppeeFinnish dialectal variant form of Alpe
AlppiFinnish variant form of Alpo
AlppoFinnish variant form of Alpo
AlppuFinnish variant form of Alpo
AlpreFinnish variant form of Alpret
AlpreeFinnish variant form of Alpret
AlpreetFinnish variant form of Alpret
AlpreetiFinnish variant form of Alpret
AlpreettiFinnish variant form of Alpret
AlpretFinnish variant form of Alfred
AlprettiFinnish variant form of Alpret
AlpriFinnish variant form of Alpre
AlpriiFinnish variant form of Alpree
AlpriitiFinnish variant form of Alpreeti
AltrikkiFinnish form of Aldrik
AlttoFinnish pet form of Alfons
AluskaFinnish dialectal variant form of Aleska
AlvarElf Truth-speaker Guardian Warrior Magical Army Army of Elves
AlvariFinnish form of Alvar
AlvidSwedish name of uncertain meaning
AmproFinnish short form of Ambrosius
AmuntiFinnish form of Amund
AnaniiaVariant form of Anania
AnaniijaVariant form of Anania
AnanijaVariant form of Anania
AnaskiPet form of Ananias
AndoVariant form of Andor
AndriasNorwegian and Faroese variant form of Andreas
AndrijanVariant spelling of Andrian
AnorNew combination of AGI and NOR
AnseFinnish pet form of names beginning with Ans- and An-
AnseliFinnish variant form of Anselm
AnselmiFavour Grace God is Gracious God has Shown Favour Eagle Introduced to Britain in the 13th Century
AnsgariusLatinised form of Ansgar
AnshelmOld High German name
AnshelmiFinnish form of Anshelm
AnskaFinnish pet form of names beginning with Ans- and An-
AnskarVariant form of Ansgar
AnskariFinnish form of Ansgar
AnskiVariant form of Anska
AnskuVariant form of Anska
AnssaFinnish variant form of of Antsa
AnsseFinnish pet form of names beginning with Ans- and An-

AnssuFinnish pet form of names beginning with Ans- and An-
ÄnstiVariant spelling of Ensti
AnteroAll-knowing All Wise The Manly
AnterusVariant form of Antero
AnthoniusCreative spelling of Antonius
AntikkaFinnish pet form of Antti
AntimusLatin antire = 'go before, go ahead, precede surpass anticipate prevent'
AntipasLatin short form of the Greek name Αντιπατρος (Antipatros) meaning 'father's likeness'
AntippaFinnish dialectal variant form of Antipas
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