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BartolomeusNordic form of the name Bartolomaeus, which is the Latin form of Βαρθολομαιος (Bartholomaios), which is the Greek form of the Aramaic name Bar-Tôlmay
BärtylyFormer Finnish form of Bartolomeus
BarukNordic spelling of the Hebrew name בָּרוּך (Barukh) meaning 'blessed'
BastiVariant form of Baste From Sebaste
BeeniFinnish short form of Ruben

BenjaShort form of Benjamin
BenjamFinnish short form of Benjamin
BenjamiFinnish form of Benjamin
BenkkuFinnish pet form of Benkt
BerndtLow German variant spelling of Bernd Bear
BertuliFormer Finnish form of Bartolomeus
BirgerusLatinised form of Birger which means to save or help
BoreGreek βορέας (boreas) = 'north wind'
BoriskaFinnish dialectal pet form of Boris
BoriskoFinnish dialectal pet form of Boris
BörjeSwedish younger form of Byrie Mountain
BotvidOld Swedish variant and younger form of Botvidh
BrokiFinlandswedish pet form of Bror
BruunoFinnish spelling of Bruno
BrynolfSwedish younger form of Brynjulf
BryynoFinnish form of Brynolf
BryynöFinnish variant form of Brynolf
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