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HaakkoFinnish form of Hakon
HaakoFinnish form of Hakon
HaapiFinnish dialectal short form (Savo) of Fabian
HaaraFinnish pet form of Harald
HaaraldFinnish form of Harald

HaaralttiFinnish form of Harald
HaartiFinnish variant form of Hartti
HaarttiFinnish variant form of Hartti
HabakukNordic spelling of Habacuc
HainCreative spelling (Estonian) of Hein
HåkanSwedish younger form of Hákon High
HammiFinnish short form of Aaprahammi
HannesFrom Hal's Island Short form of Johannes (meaning: God is merciful).
HannuFinnish form of Johannes (meaning: God is merciful).
HannusShort form of Jóhannus and Johannes
HanokVariant form of Enok
HanskiFinnish pet form of Hans
HanssiFinnish pet form of Hans
HansuFinnish pet form of Hans
HapiFinnish dialectal short form (Savo) of Fabian
HartikkaFinnish spelling of Hartika
HarttiFinnish pet form of Harald (see *HarjawaldaR)
HarttuFinnish variant form of Hartti
HartvigNordic spelling of Hartwig
HeetrikkiFinnish variant form of Fredrik (see Frederik)
HeetuFinnish pet form of Heetrikki
HeikFrisian short form of Heike
HeikkaVariant form of Heikki
HeikkarFinnish dialectal variant form of Heikki
HeikkuVariant form of Heikki
HeikuraFinnish dialectal variant form of Heikki
HeimerSwedish form of Heimir
HeiniGerman variant form of Heine
HeinikeVariant form of Heineke
HeiskaFinnish pet form of Heinrich
HeiskuFinnish variant form of Heiska
HekaFinnish variant form of Heke
HekeFinnish variant form of Heike (see Heineke)
HekuFinnish variant form of Heke
HeleniusVariant form of Helenus
HelleDialectal variant form of Helge
HelmeriFinnish form of Helmer
HelvigNordic male form of Heilwig

HemminkiFinnish form of Hemming
HemmuFinnish dialectal variant form (Länsi-Suomi) of Hemmo
HemppaFinnish variant form of Hemmo
HemppoFinnish dialectal variant form (Pohjanmaa) of Hemmo
HemppuVariant form of Hemmo
HenkePet form of Henrik
HenriPlace Name Place-name and Surname Home
HenteShort form of Henterikki and its variant forms (see Hendrik)
HenterShort form of Henterikki
HenteriShort form of Henterikki
HenterikkiFinnish variant form of Hentrikki
HentiVariant form of Hente
HentriFinnish variant form of Hentrik
HentrikFinnish form of Hendrik
HentrikkiVariant form of Hentrik
HenttaVariant form of Hente
HentteVariant form of Hente
HenttiVariant form of Hente
HenttuVariant form of Hente
HepeFinnish variant form of Heppu
HeppaFinnish variant form of Heppu
HeppuFinnish pet form of Henrik
HeriperttiFinnish form of Heribert
HerkkoFinnish pet form of Herman
HerkkooFinnish dialectal variant form (Pohjanmaa) of Herkko
HermannusLatinised form of Herman
HermuFinnish variant form (Länsi-Suomi) of Hermo
HerpeFinnish variant form of Herbert
HerperiFinnish form of Herbert
HerppaFinnish dialectal pet form (Karelia) of Herma
HerppiFinnish pet form of Herbert
HerskaFinnish dialectal pet form (Pohjanmaa) of Herma
HesaFinnish variant form of Hese
HeseFinnish pet form of Heinrich
HesekielGod Strengthens
HeselFinnish short form of Hesekiel
HeseliFinnish pet form of Hesekiel
HeskeliFinnish pet form of Hesekiel
HeskiFinnish pet form of Hesekiel
HessiFinnish variant form of Hese
HessuFinnish variant form of Hese
HesuFinnish variant form of Hese
HettoFinnish pet form of Heetrikki

HilippäFinnish variant form of Hilippu
HilippuFinnish variant form of Filippu (see Philippus)
HimppaFinnish dialectal variant form of Hinrik
HinneShort form of names beginning with Hin-, especially Hinrik
HinniVariant form of Hinne
HinnuVariant form of Hinne
HinskaPet form of Hinrik
HinteriFinnish short form of Hinterikki
HinterikkiFinnish variant form of Hintrikki
HintiFinnish pet form of Hindrik
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