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IbertNew combination of any name beginning with I- and BJÖRT
IekkiFinnish dialectal variant form (Savo) of Iekko
IekkoFinnish dialectal pet form (Savo) of Eino
IekkuFinnish dialectal variant form (Savo) of Iekko
IemelVariant form of Eemil

IemiVariant form of Iemel
IenokkiFinnish variant form of Eenokki
IetuFinnish variant form of Eetu
IhannusFinnish variant form of Johannes
IhantiVariant form of Ihannus
IhanusVariant form of Ihannus
IikkoFinnish variant form of Iikka
IikkooFinnish variant form of Iikka
IikkuFinnish variant form of Iikka
IikuVariant form of Iku
IippaFinnish variant form of Iippo
IippoFinnish pet form of Ivar (see Ívarr)
IisaiFinnish form of the Hebrew name יִשַׁי (Yishay) meaning 'gift'
IisakFinnish variant form of Isak
IiskaFinnish variant form of Iisko
IiskoFinnish pet form of names beginning with Is-
IiskuFinnish and Sami variant form of Iisko
IisoPet form of names beginning with Is-
IisrailiFinnish variant form of Israel
IisuPet form of names beginning with Is-
IivaFinnish variant form of Ive
IivanaFinnish dialectal form (Karelia) of Ivan
IivariFinnish form of Ivar
IiviFinnish variant form of Ive
IivoFinnish variant form of Ive
IivuFinnish variant form of Ive
IlariThe Cheerful
IljasNordic variant form of Ilias
IlkkaFinnish name which was originally taken from the surname of the Finnish peasant rebellion leader Jaakko Pentinpoika Ilkka (1545-1597)
IlkkoFinnish pet form of Ilmari
IlkkuFinnish variant form of Ilkko
IllarEstonian short form of Hilarius
IlliFinnish variant form of Illo
IlloFinnish pet form of Ilmari
IlluFinnish variant form of Illo

IlmoMale variant form of Ilma
IlpoMale form of Ilpotar
IlppoPet form of Ilmari
IluFinnish variant form of Illu
ImmiFinnish variant form of Imma
ImmuVariant form of Imma
ImppaFinnish variant form of Imma
ImppoFinnish variant form of Imppa
ImppuFinnish variant form of Imppa
IndriBulgarian form of Andreas
IngevaldOld Swedish and younger form of Ingivaldr
IngjaldYounger form of Ingialdr
IngvorDanish variant form of Ingvar
IsbosetNordic form of the Hebrew name אִֽישְׁבֹּ֫שֶׁת (Ish-bosheth)
IsmailiFinnish variant form of Ismael
IsmajelFinnish variant form of Ismael
IsroFinnish variant form of Isra
IssoPet form of names beginning with Is-
IssuPet form of names beginning with Is-
IstoFinnish short form of Istrael
IstraelFinnish variant form of Israel
IsvaliFinnish pet form of Ismael
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