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JaafetFinnish form of Jafet
JaajoFinnish pet form of names beginning with Ja-
JaakkaFinnish dialectal variant form of Jaakko (Pohjanmaa)
JaakkiFinnish dialectal variant form of Jaakko (Pohjanmaa)

JaakkoYahweh May Protect
JaakkooFinnish variant form of Jaakko
JaakkuFinnish dialectal variant form of Jaakko
JaakoFinnish variant form of Jaakko
JaakuGreenlandic younger spelling of Jâko (see Jâkupe)
JaakuppiFinnish dialectal variant form of Jaakoppi (Etelä-Pohjanmaa)
JaaleFinnish form of Jarle
JaamiVariant form of Jami Perfect
JaaniFinnish variant form of Jani
JaapettiFinnish variant form of Jahvetti
JaapiFinnish pet form of Jaapetti
JaaveFinnish pet form of Jahvetti
JahveFinnish short form of Jahvetti
JahvettiFinnish variant form of Jafet
JahviFinnish pet form of Jahvetti
JakkeFinnish spelling of Jacke
JäkkiFinnish dialectal pet form of Jakob (Pohjanmaa) (see Jacobus)
JakoPet form of Jakob (see Jacobus)
JakupDanish spelling of Jákup
JalamarFinnish dialectal variant form (Pohjanmaa) of Hjalmar
JalamariFinnish dialectal variant form (Pohjanmaa) of Hjalmar
JalleVariant spelling of Hjalle
JalliFinnish variant form of Hjalle
JalluFinnish variant form of Hjalle
JalmaFinnish variant form of Hjalmar
JalmarVariant spelling of Hjalmar
JalmariHelmeted Warrior
JaloNoble Gracious
JammuFinnish variant form of Jammi
JamppaFinnish variant form of Jami
JamppiFinnish variant form of Jami
JamppoFinnish variant form of Jami
JamuFinnish variant form of Jami
JaniClimber A Climbing Evergreen Ornamental Plant God is Gracious Lord of Men African name, meaning: sheet.
JankeFrisian pet form of Jan
JankenFrisian variant form of Janke
JannuFinnish dialectal variant form of Janne (Pohjanmaa)

JanrikSwedish name
JapoFinnish pet form of Jafet
JappaFinnish variant form of Jappe
JappePet form of Jap (see Japer)
JappoFinnish variant form of Jappe
JariArcher's Bow Yew Bow Army Yew Wood Yew Wood was Used for Bows God will Raise Up aHelmeted Warrior
JarkkiVariant form of Jarkko
JarkoVariant form of Jarkko
JarmoFinnish form of Jeremiah (meaning: God raised). Yahwe Uplifts
JarnoVariant form of Jarmo Yahwe Uplifts
JarskaPet form of Jarmo
JaskariFinnish variant form of Jaska (Länsi-Suomi)
JasperiFinnish form of Jasper
JasseFinnish variant form of Jassi
Jassi 1Finnish pet form of Uljas
JassuFinnish variant form of Jassi
JeeliFinnish pet form of Joel
JennuFinnish male form of Jenni
JeremaFinnish variant form of Jeremias
JeremiasArcher's Bow Yew Bow Army Yew Wood Yew Wood was Used for Bows Hebrew origin, meaning: God increases. Known as a biblical prophet. Namesakes: Jeremias Gotthelf, a Swiss writer.
JeremiiaFinnish variant spelling of Jeremia
JeremiiasFinnish variant spelling of Jeremias
JerkkaFinnish form of Jerker
JerkkoFinnish dialectal pet form (Itä-Suomi) of Jere
JerkkuFinnish dialectal pet form (Itä-Suomi) of Jere
JermeiFinnish dialectal short form (Karelia) of Jeremias
JermiFinnish short form of Jeremias
JermiasShort form of Jeremias
JermuFinnish pet form of Jeremias
JeroFinnish variant form of Jere
JerukkaFinnish pet form of Jere
JesajaNordic spelling of the Hebrew form of Esaias Yahweh Is Salvation
JesajasNordic variant form of Esaias
JesperiFinnish form of Jesper
JetroLatin spelling of the Hebrew name יִתְרוֹ (Yitro)
JoakimModern Blend of Jerry and Marilyn Heart God of Victory Nordic form of Joachim (meaning: God judges on).
JoarOld Swedish and younger form of Jóarr
JochumGerman variant form of Joachim
JockumSwedish form of Jochum
JoelYAHWEH Is God God is Willing Lord is God Jehovah is the Lord Precious Wrathful Joel was a Prophet in the Old Testament Work-power Strong Powerful God is Gracious One who is Victorious Hebrew origin, meaning: the Lord is God.
JohannesGerman Form of John Merciful The Lord is Gracious Hebrew origin, meaning: God is merciful. In Germany, a timeless popular name. Known from the Bible by John the Baptist. Namesakes: Johannes Brahms, German composer.
JohannisVariant form of Johannes
JoiliFinnish variant form of Joel

JojakimVariant form of Joachim
JojeliFinnish variant form of Joel
JokkeFinnish pet form of Jouko
JokkoFinnish pet form of Jokora
JokoraFinnish variant form of Georg (see Georgius)
JollePet form of Joel
JomppaPet form of Jorma
JontteFinnish form of Jonte
JonttuFinnish form of Jonte
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