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KaaleppiVariant form of Kalle
KaapeFinnish variant form of Kaapo
KaaperiFinnish variant form of Gabriel
KaapiFinnish variant form of Kaapo

KaappoFinnish variant form of Kaapo
KaappooFinnish variant form of Kaapo
KaapreFinnish variant form of Gabriel
KaaprelFinnish variant form of Gabriel
KaaprelliFinnish form of Gabriel
KaapriFinnish variant form of Gabriel
KaarloHe will be Praised Form of Judith Admired Jewish A Women from Judea Praise Man
KaataShort form of Akaaton
KaatiFinnish short form of Arkaati
KaatonShort form of Akaaton
KainoFinnish kaino = 'shy'
KakeFinnish pet form of Kaleva
KakoFinlandswedish pet form of Karlgustav
Kale 2Finnish variant form of Kalle
KalervaVariant form of Kaleva (influenced by the name Kullervo)
KalervoVariant form of Kalerva
KalewaCreative spelling of Kaleva
Kali 1Old Norse name and byname
Kali 2Finnish variant form of Kalle
KalkkeFinnish pet form of Kalle
KalkkoFinnish pet form of Kalkke
KalkkuFinnish pet form of Kalkke
KalleMighty Warrior Stream Keeper of the Keys Pure Man
KalluFinnish variant form of Kalle
KallukkaFinnish pet form of Kalle
KalmarNordic name of unknown origin and meaning, probably inspired by Kalman (see Colm and Kolmar
KanutShort form of Kanutus
KanutusVariant spelling of Canutus
KapeFinnish variant form of Kapu
KapoFinnish variant form of Kapu
KapuFinnish variant form of Kaapo
Kare 1Finnish variant form of Kari
Kari 1Finnish short form of names ending with -kari
KarjusShort form of Ansgarius

KarlFarmer Free Man Strong and Masculine Form of Charles Treble, Middle High German origin, meaning: free man army. In Germany, widespread since the early Middle Ages and in the 19th / 20th Century popular. In many countries, known as sovereign name. Namesakes: Charlemagne, king of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor.
KarlgustavSwedish name
KarolusNordic spelling of Carolus
KartsaVariant form of Kari
KaspeFinnish variant form of Kaspar
KasperiFinnish form of Kasper
KaspoFinnish variant form of Kaspar
KasseOld Swedish and Old Danish form of Kassi
KassuFinnish pet form of Gabriel
KatiOne Possessed with Many Qualities Pure
KaukoFar Away
KaukomieliFinnish kaukomieli = 'absentminded'
KaunoFinnish kauneus = 'beauty'
KauppiFinnish variant form of Kauppo
KauppoFinnish form of Jakaupr (see Jacobus)
KaurilaFinnish dialectal variant form of Gabriel (Karelia)
KauroFinnish dialectal variant form of Gabriel (Karelia)
KeijoFinnish keiju = 'elf, supernatural being'
KeimoKeimo was invented by the Finnish author Aleksis Kivi (1834-1872) who was inspired by the place name Keimola (a village north from Helsinki)
KekiFinnish dialectal variant form (Kaakkois-Suomi) of Keke
KekuFinnish dialectal variant form of Keke (Kaakkois-Suomi)
KennoFrisian variant form of Kuno
KenthCreative spelling of Kent
KepoVariant form of Kepa
KeppaVariant form of Kepa
KerkkoFinnish kerkko = 'shoot of a tree'
KerttiFinnish form of Gert
KickanVariant spelling of Kikkan
KickiVariant form of Kikka
KiiaFinnish short form of Hiskia
KiijaFinnish variant spelling of Kiia
KiiteFinnish pet form of Gideon
KiituFinnish variant form of Kiite
KikkaPet form of Christian and its variants
KimmoFinnish name of unknown origin and meaning
KirilaVariant form of Kirill
KiriläFinnish dialectal variant form of Kirila
KiteFinnish variant form of Kiite
KlausFair Haired Short form (of meaning composition: "victory" and "people") of Nicholas. In Germany the mid 20th century very popular. Namesakes: Klaus Kinski, German actor.
KleemeFinnish variant form of Kleemo
KleemensFinnish spelling of Clemens
KleemesFinnish variant form of Clemens
KleemoFinnish variant form of Clemens, Clement, Clemen
KlemettiFinnish form of Klemet

KnutiFinnish form of Knut
KnuutFinnish form of Knut
KnuutiFinnish form of Knut
KnytteFinnish pet form of Knut
KolkkaFinnish variant form of Kolja
KönniFinnish pet form of Kuno
KonraFinnish variant form of Konrad
KonstaFinnish short form of Konstantin (see Constans) The Steadfast
KonstantinusFinnish spelling of Constantinus
KonstatinFirm Steadfast Constant Another form of Constantine The Steadfast
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