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LaakuFinnish pet form of Olaf (see Ólafr)
LaarFinnish variant form of Lari
LaariFinnish variant form of Lari
LageOld Danish short form of Félagi
LallePet form of Laurentius

LamperFinnish dialectal variant form of Lambert
LamperttiFinnish dialectal variant form of Lambert
LanneFinnish pet form of names containing the Germanic name element LAND
LanteFinnish pet form of names containing the Germanic name element LAND
LanteriVariant form of Lante
LantiFinnish short form of Germanic names containing the name element LAND
LanttiFinnish pet form of names containing the Germanic name element LAND
LanttuFinnish pet form of names containing the Germanic name element LAND
LappiFinnish short form of Alappi
LareVariant form of Lari
LariCrowned with Laurels Laurel
LarikkaFinnish pet form of Lari
LarjusFinnish short form of Hilarius
LarkkoVariant form of Lari
LarsDerived from Lacey which is a French Nobleman's Surname Brought to British Isles After Norman Conquest Form of Larissa Name of a City Mythical Woman Cheerful One Danish, Norwegian and Swedish form of Laurentius (meaning: the stem end of Laurentum, also: laurel wreath). In Germany awarded more frequently in the 1960s.
LarskaFinnish pet form of Lars
LarssiFinnish form of Lars
LasarusNordic spelling of Lazarus
LassaVariant form of Lassi
LasseAttractive Fair Good-looking A Small Song Bird Rock Comely Light Idol Image Norwegian, Swedish diminutive of Lars (meaning: the stem end of Laurentum, also: laurel wreath).
LasuVariant form of Lassi
LauriLaurel Tree Sweet Bay Tree Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and Victory Diminutive of Laura English pet form of Laura (meaning: laurel wreath) a boy name.
LeanteriFinnish form of Leander
LeemesFinnish pet form of Clemens
LeeviLaurel Tree Crowned with Laurel Bay Plant Maybe Joined To
LeijunteriFinnish variant form of Leanteri
LeikkoFinnish pet form of Leanteri
LeinoFinnish name derived from the pen name of Eino Leino (Armas Einar Leopold Lönnbohm), Finnish poet and journalist (1878-1926)
LejaFinnish short form of Leanteri
LejanteriFinnish variant form of Leanteri
LejoFinnish variant form of Leo
LekaFinnish variant form of Leku He Who Wards Off (Other) Men
LekoFinnish variant form of Leku
LeksaFinnish form of Lex
LeksuFinnish variant form of Leksa
LekuFinnish pet form of Leo
LementFinnish variant form of Klement
LementtiFinnish variant form of Klement

LemettiFinnish variant form of Klemetti
LemminkäinenFinnish variant form of Lempi
LemmittyFinnish lemmitty = 'beloved'
LenhaartFinnish form of Lenhart
LennaatiFinnish variant form of Lennart
LennarFinnish variant form of Lennart
LennariFinnish variant form of Lennart
LennartLight Pledge Bright One Moonlight Variant of Helen Palm Tree Sun-ray and Moonlight Torch Swedish pattern (of meaning composition: "Lion" and "strong") by Leonhard.
LennePet form of Lennart
LennuFinnish variant form of Lenne
LentinFinnish dialectal short form (Savo) of Valentin
LenttiFinnish dialectal short form (Pohjanmaa) of Valentin
LenuFinnish pet form of Leonhard
LenuarttiFinnish variant form of Leonhard
LeoLion Brave Lion-bold Brave People Lion-man Leo Greek, Latin origin, meaning: lion Short form of Leonhard (meaning composition of "Lion" and "strong") and Leopold (meaning composition of "folk" and "bold"). Pope popular name. Namesakes: Leon Trotsky, Soviet politician.
LeónCreative spelling (Spanish) of Leon The Lion
LeonaatiFinnish variant form of Leonhard
LeonarttiFinnish variant form of Leonhard
LeonhardtCreative spelling of Leonhard
LeonhartVariant spelling of Leonhard
LetviFinnish variant form of Leevi
LeunarFinnish variant form of Leunard
LeunardFinnish variant form of Leonhard
LeunariFinnish variant form of Leunard
LeunuFinnish pet form of Leunard
LeussaFinnish pet form of Leanteri
LevoFinnish variant form of Leo
LevoiFinnish variant form of Levo
LianteriFinnish variant form of Leanteri
LiimattaFinnish variant form of Klemet
LiimoFinnish variant form of Kleemo
LiinusFinnish spelling of Linus
LiippiFinnish variant form of Lippo
LiippoFinnish pet form of Oliver
LiippuFinnish variant form of Lippo
LiiusVariant form of Lius
LiiveFinnish short form of Oliver
LiiverFinnish short form of Oliver
LiivukkaFinnish pet form of Oliver
LillebrorSwedish name
LillemanSwedish name
LippiOld Danish byname, Old Danish lippe = 'lip'
LippoFinnish pet form of Filip (see Philipp)
LippusShort form of Philippus
LudirkFrench form of Ludwig (meaning composition of "famous" and "struggle"). In France timelessly popular. Namesakes: Louis Armstrong, American jazz musician. Another form of Louis Renowned Warrior Famous in Battle Famous Warrior

LuikkiFinnish pet form of Lutviiki
LuikkoFinnish variant form of Luikki
LukazCreative spelling of Lukas
LurviikiFinnish variant form of Lutviiki
LurviikkiFinnish variant form of Lurviiki
LutiFinnish pet form of Ludvig (see Hluodwic)
LutikkaFinnish dialectal variant form of Luti
LuttiFinnish variant form of Luti
LutviFinnish short form of Lutviiki
LutviikiFinnish form of Ludvig (see Hluodwic)
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