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MajeliFinnish pet form of Ismajel
MakeFinnish pet form of Marcus
MakkeFinnish pet form of Max
MakriFinnish pet form of Maurits

MaksiFinnish spelling of Maxi
MakuVariant form of Make
MalakiasNordic spelling of Malachias
ManasseLatin spelling of the Hebrew name מְנַשֶּׁה (Menashheh) meaning 'to forget'
MangorNordic name of uncertain origin and meaning. There is also a Danish surname Mangor but a relation is uncertain
ManneVariant form of Manni
ManniOld Norse, Old Danish and Faroese pet form of names containing the name element MANN
MånsSwedish younger form of Maons (see Maghons) Great
MarecCreative spelling of Marek
MareniusMale form of Maren
MariaBitter Sea of Bitterness The Perfect One Sea of Sorrow Wished for Child Rebellious Star Mary Hebrew origin, Latin and Greek form of Mirjam (meaning suggesting godsend or: the fertile, also possible: the bitter, sorrowful, Unruly). A timeless popular name in many countries, widely used in Germany for five centuries. As a middle name also a protective name for boys. Namesake: Maria Callas, Greek singer.
MariasName of uncertain origin and meaning
MarkkoFinnish variant form of Marko
MarkkuDedicated To Mars (The Roman God Of War)
MarkoA Combination of Mary and Ann Bitter Sea of Bitterness Rebelliousness Wished for Child Of the Clan Marius Dedicated To Mars (The Roman God Of War)
MarkuFinnish variant form of Markku
MårtenOld Swedish spelling of Morten Mars
MartinFrom the God Mars War-like Dedicated to Mars Warring
MarttiinFinnish form of Martin
MarttiinusFinnish form of Martinus
MatfeiFinnish variant form of Matvei
MatheasCreative combination of Matthias and Matthæus
Mati 1Estonian variant form of Matti
MatiaasFinnish variant form of Matthias
MatiasWarlike Gift Of Yahweh
MatikkaFinnish pet form of Matti
MatjasFinnish variant form of Matthias
MatjusFinnish pet form of Matteus (see Matthæus)
MatsaFinnish variant form of Mats
MatsiWest Finnish variant form of Mats
MatsjuFinnish variant form of Matjus
MatsoWest Finnish variant form of Mats
MatteSwedish form of Matti
MatteroFinnish pet form of Matti
MattiWarlike LadyGift Of Yahweh
MattuFinnish variant form of Matti
MatturiFinnish pet form of Mattu

MatuFinnish variant form of Matti
MatukkaFinnish pet form of Matu (East Finland)
MatveeFinnish variant form of Matvei
MaukkaFinnish pet form of Mauno
MaukkiFinnish variant form of Maukka
MaukkuFinnish variant form of Maukka
MauritsiFinnish form of Maurits
MaximiliamVariant form of Maximilian (see Maximilianus), probably influenced by William
MaximilliamVariant form of Maximiliam
MeelisEstonian male form of Mielikki
MekiasNorwegian variant form of Mikeas
MerkurShort form (German) of Mercurius Merchandise
MerkuriusNordic spelling of Mercurius
MertsiFinnish younger form of Smertsi
MerttiFinnish dialectal variant form of Mertsi
MetusalahVariant form of Metusalem
MiciCreative spelling of Miki
MickeSwedish pet form of Mikael (see Michael)
MieloMale form of Mielikki
MiiasFinnish short form of Jeremiias (see Jeremias)
MiijaFinnish variant form of Miia
MiikaelFinnish spelling of Mikael
MiikaeliVariant form of Mikaeli
MiikkaVariant form of Miika
MiikkaelFinnish variant spelling of Miikael
MiikoVariant form of Miko
MiikulaFinnish dialectal form of Mikola
MiioFinnish spelling of Mio
MiiriVariant form of Miro
MiiroFinnish variant spelling of Miro
MikaeeliVariant spelling of Mikaeli
MikaelSmall Falcon Sea Fort Who Is Like God?
MikkeFinnish spelling of Micke
MikkeliFinnish form of Mikkel
MikkoFrom the Warrior's Field Who Is Like God?
MikkuSami form of Mikko
MikolaRussian variant form of Nicolaus
MikolaiFinnish dialectal variant form of Nicolai
MiliamShort form of Maximiliam
MilliamShort form of Maximilliam
MommeLow German and Frisian pet form of Old High German names containing the name element MUN, esp. Mombert Bright

MooniFinnish pet form of Salomon
MooseFinnish variant form of Moses
MoosesFinnish spelling of Moses
MoritsNordic spelling of Moritz
MossePet form of Moses
MossiVariant form of Mosse
MosuFinnish pet form of Moses
MueliShort form of Samueeli
MuistoFinnish muisto = 'memory'
MuokkoFinnish pet form of Moses
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