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NaatanFinnish form of Nathan
NandorNew combination of NAND and ÞOR
NantePet form of names containing the name element NAND, especially Ferdinand
NanttaFinnish variant form of Nante
NantteFinnish variant form of Nante

NanttiFinnish variant form of Nantte
NarttiShort form of Leonartti
NenneSwedish pet form of Lennart
NepoFinnish pet form of Nestor
NepukkaFinnish pet form of Nestor
NesoFinnish pet form of Nestor
NessuFinnish pet form of Nestor
NestiFinnish pet form of Nestor
NestoFinnish pet form of Nestor
NestoorFinnish variant spelling of Nestor
NestooriFinnish variant form of Nestor
NiciCreative spelling of Nicki
NickeShort and pet form of Greek names containing the name element NIK: Greek νικη (nike) = 'victory'
NiilaFinnish form of Nils
NiilasEstonian form of Nils
NiilesEstonian form of Nils
NiiloChampion Blue Lord Shiva (Blue Throat) Engineer to the Gods with Twin Nal Helped Rama Build the Bridge to Lanka Victory Of The People
NiiluEstonian form of Nils
NikaelName of unknown origin and meaning. Probably a misspelling of Mikael (see Michael
NikkeFinnish spelling of Nicke
NikkooVariant form of Niko
NiklaFinnish short form of Niklas
NiklasVictory of the People Victorious Person
NiklesFinnish variant form of Niklas
NikoVictory of the People Abbreviation of Nicholas
NikodeemusFinnish spelling of Nikodemus
NikotiemusFinnish variant form of Nikodemus
NikuVariant form of Niko
NikulaiFinnish dialectal variant form of Nicolai
NilloEstonian form of Nils
NilppiFinnish pet form of Nils
NippeFinnish variant form of Nipa
NisseDanish and south Swedish pet form of Nils
NokkiOld Norse variant form of Nukki
NolttiFinnish short form of Aarnoltti (see Arnoald)
NonneLow German short form of Old High German names with the name elements Nan- / Nand- / Nann- / -nand (see NAND)
NonniVariant form of Nonne
NonnoVariant form of Nonne
NonnyVariant form of Nonne

NuttiVariant form of Nuutti
NuutFinnish variant form of Nuutti
NuutiFinnish variant form of Nuutti
NuuttiFinnish form of Knut (see Knútr)
NyrckesVariant form of Nyyrikki
NyriShort form of Nyyrikki
NyyriShort form of Nyyrikki
NyyröPet form of Nyyrikki
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