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OakkiFinnish dialectal pet form of Oatam
OatamFinnish dialectal variant form of Adam
OatikkiFinnish dialectal pet form of Oatam
ObenEnglish variant form of Oban
OdertGerman younger form of Authart (see Authard)

OdolfOld High German name
OhtoFinnish variant form of Otso
OhvanaFinnish form of Afanasi
OikkaFinnish pet form of Oiva
OikkiFinnish pet form of Oiva
OikkuFinnish pet form of Oiva
OippoFinnish pet form of Oiva
OitsaFinnish pet form of Oiva
OivaSplendid Sea of Bitterness Form of Mary Wished-for Child Rebellion Star of the Sea Bitter Beloved
ÖjvindSwedish younger form of Öyvind
OkeFinnish pet form of Olaf (see Ólafr)
OkiFinnish variant form of Oke
OkkiFinnish pet form of Oskar (see Oscar)
OkuFinnish variant form of Oke
OlaiGenitive form of Olaus (see Olavus) Ancestor's Descendant
OlaviNewcomer Ancestor's Descendant
OleksFinnish dialectal variant form of Alex
OlekseiFinnish dialectal form of Aleksej
OleksiFinnish dialectal variant form of Aleksi (see Alexius)
OlesaFinnish dialectal variant form of Oleksi
OliverOlive Tree Elf Army The Biblical Olive Tree Symbolizes Fruitfulness and Beauty and Dignity Extending an Olive Branch Signifies an Offer of Peace Name of Tree which Gives Olive Oil Old French origin, meaning: oil tree formerly Nordic, Germanic origin. In the UK and Germany widespread. Known from Charles Dickens' novel "Oliver Twist" (1837/38). Namesakes: Oliver Stone, American film director.
OliwerCreative spelling of Oliver
OlkkiFinnish pet form of Olaf (see Ólafr)
OlkkuVariant form of Olkki
OlliPet form of names with "Ol 'as well (meaning: possession) a boy name.
OllipekkaFinnish name
OlluFinnish variant form of Olle
OllukkaFinnish pet form of Olle
OlmarNorwegian name
OlukkaFinnish dialectal pet form of names beginning with Ol-
OlvarNorwegian name
OlverNorwegian younger form of ǪlvéR
OndreiFinnish dialectal variant form of Andrej
OndriFinnish dialectal variant form of Andri
OndruskaVariant form of Antruska
OnneVariant form of Onni
OnniHappiness Luck Woman from Magdala Tower Women of Magdala From the High Tower
OntippaFinnish dialectal variant form of Antipas
OntoDialectal variant form of Anto
OntoiDialectal variant form of Onto

OntreiFinnish dialectal variant form of Andrej
OntroVariant form of Antro
OnttiFinnish dialectal variant form of Antti
OnttoDialectal variant form of Antto
OnttoiDialectal variant form of Ontto
OolaFinnish spelling of Ola
OpeFinnish pet form of Oiva
OptatusLatin optatus = 'chosen'
OrfeusNordic spelling of Orpheus
ÖrjanYounger spelling of Örian
OrkkoPet form of Orvo
OrmOld Danish, Old Swedish and younger form of OrmR
OrpoFinnish orpo = 'lonely'
OrvaldNorwegian younger form of *Ǫrvaldr
OsippaFinnish orthodox form of Jooseppi
OskaFinnish variant form of Oskar
OskiFinnish pet form of Oskar
OsmaFinnish osma (dialectal) = 'wolverine'
OsmuFinnish variant form of Osmo
OsoShort form of names containing the name element AS
OsseVariant form of Ossi
OsseeFinnish variant form of Osse
OssiaanFinnish variant form of Ossian
ÖstenSwedish younger form of Østen (see Øystæinn)
OsvaFinnish short form of Osvald
OsvalttiFinnish form of Osvald
OsviFinnish pet form of Osvald
OtavaFinnish name
OtiFinnish pet form of Otto
OtoOld High German variant form of Otto
OtsaFinnish pet form of Otto
OtterNorwegian dialectal variant form of Ottar
OtuFinnish pet form of Otto
OtukkaFinnish pet form of Otto
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This Finnish names list for boys is intended for the parents who wishes the best name for their baby. Get the finnish boy names starting with O featuring all finnish names. Finnish names list has many names that will give a unique identity to your kid. Finnish name with meaning in english are provided that will help you name your child.