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PaanusFinnish short form of Urpaanus (see Urbanus)
PäärniFinnish form of Berni
PäärntiFinnish form of Bernt
PäärttiFinnish pet form of Päärnti
PaasoFinnish dialectal variant form of Pasi

PaatsaFinnish dialectal variant form of Paatsi
PaatsiFinnish dialectal variant form of Pasi
PaavalFinnish dialectal form of Pavel
PaaviFinnish variant form of Paavo
PaavoThe Small
PaavooFinnish dialectal variant form of Paavo
PäiviöFinnish form of Peivas
PäivöVariant form of Päiviö
PålYounger form of Páll The Small
PänttiVariant spelling of Pentti
PänttöVariant form of Pentti
PärSwedish variant spelling of Per
PareliusNorwegian name
PärtFinnish variant form of Pertti
PärtteliFinnish variant form of Pertteli
PärttiFinnish variant form of Pertti
PärttyFinnish variant form of Pertti
PärttyliFinnish variant form of Pertteli
PastiFinnish form of Baste
PatrikkiFinnish form of Patrick
PatroFinnish pet form of Patrick
PatuFinnish pet form of Patrick
PaukkaFinnish variant form of Paukku
PaukkuFinnish dialectal pet form of Paulus
PauliLord Ruler Break by Twisting Baskets of Fish Master Pet Form of Patricia
PauljaFinnish dialectal pet form of Paul
Paulo 1Pet form of Paul
PaunoFinnish short form of Paunus
PaunusFinnish short form of Urpaanus
PaveFinnish short form of Pavel
PavelkoFinnish dialectal form of Pavel
PedkaVariant form of Petka
PeenharttiFinnish variant form of Bernhard
PeetuFinnish pet form of Agapeetus The Rock
PeetusShort form of Agapeetus
PeikThe name appears in folk tales in the Swedish-speaking parts of Finland and its meaning is uncertain.
PejkVariant spelling of Peik
PekkaThe Rock

PekoVariant form of Pekko
PeliShort form of Aapeli
PellervoFinnish pelto = 'acre, field'
PenaVariant form of Ben
PenharttiFinnish form of Bernhard
PenjaFinnish variant form of Benja
PenjaamVariant spelling of Penjam
PenjamFinnish short form of Benjamin
PenjamiFinnish form of Benjamin
PenkkuFinnish pet form of Bengt
PennaVariant form of Ben
PennuVariant form of Ben
PenskaFinnish pet form of Bengt
PentikkäPet form of Pentti
PentsaFinnish dialectal form (Kaakkois-Suomi) of Pentti
PenttaVariant form of Pentti
PenttooFinnish dialectal form (Etelä-Pohjanmaa) of Ben
PenttuVariant form of Pentti
PenuVariant form of Ben
PertsaFinnish variant form of Pertti
PertteliFinnish form of Bertil
PerttoShort form of Perttuli
PerttuliVariant form of Bartolomeus
PerttyliVariant form of Bartolomeus
PeskaFinnish pet form of Pekka
PessaFinnish variant form of Peska
PetherCreative spelling of Peter
PetjaRussian pet form of Petrus
PetjuFinnish variant form of Petja
PetkaRussian pet form of Pjotr
PetriThe Rock
PetteFinnish short form of Petteri
PetteriThe Rock
PettiFinnish short form of Petteri (see Petter)
PetuFinnish short form of Agapetus
PietaFinnish pet form of Pietari
PietarVariant form of Pietari
PietariThe Rock
PietiPet form of Pietari
PiettPet form of Pietari
PiettoPet form of Pietari

PietuPet form of Pietari
PiiniFinnish short form of Alpiini
PiinuFinnish variant form of Piinus
PiinusFinnish short form of Alpiinus
PilipVariant form, probably misread form, of Philipp
PirjeShort form of Pirjeri
PirjeriFinnish form of Birger
PirkeriFinnish form of Birger
PirkkaPet form of Pirkeri
PoakkiFinnish varinant form of Paukku
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