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SaharjFinnish orthodox form of Sakarias
SaharkkaFinnish orthodox form of Sakarias
SahuareiFinnish orthodox form of Sakarias
SakariasNordic form of Zacharias
SakariiasFinnish variant form of Sakarias

SakarjFinnish orthodox form of Sakarias
SakeFinnish dialectal pet form of Alexander
SakeusNordic variant spelling of Zakæus
SakkeusNordic form of Zakæus
Sakki 1Finnish short form of Iisakki (see Isaak)
SakkuFinnish pet form of Sakarias
SakriFinnish variant form of Sakarias
SakrisVariant spelling of Zakris
SakuRules with Good Judgment Counsel Power Exalted On High Form of Veronica True Image Wise Ruler Rules with Counsel Strong Counsel One who Brings Victory Magician Lord Shiva Wakeful
SalakkoFinnish dialectal variant form of Salkko
SalamoonFinnish variant form of Salomon
SalamooniFinnish variant form of Salomon
SalamuonFinnish variant form of Salomon
SalkkoFinnish variant form of Salo
SalkkuFinnish variant form of Salkko
SalluFinnish variant form of Salo
SalmooniFinnish variant form of Salomon
SaloShort form of Salomon and its variant forms
SalomoVariant form of Salomon The Peaceful
SalomoniFinnish variant form of Salomon
SalttuFinnish dialectal pet form of Alexander
SaluFinnish name
SameliFinnish variant form of Samuel
SammeliVariant form of Sameli
Sammi 1Variant form of Samme
SammuFinnish variant form of Sammi
SamppoVariant form of Sampsa
SamppuVariant form of Sampsa
SampsaFinnish pet form of Alexander
SämpsäFinnish variant form of Samson
SamueeliFinnish dialectal form (Pohjanmaa) of Samuel
SamuelName Of God God is Heard Asked of God Told by God Name of One of the King in Bible Follower of Jesus Hebrew origin, meaning: heard by God. In the Bible, the first prophet who anointed David king on behalf of God. Timeless, in the English language popular name in Germany rare. Namesakes: Samuel Beckett, Irish playwright.
SamujeeliFinnish dialectal variant form of Samuel
SamukkaPet form of Samu

SandelName of unknown origin and meaning. Maybe derived from
SandfredVariant form of Sannfred
SandfridVariant form of Sannfrid
SandriMale form of Sandra
SanfredVariant form of Sannfrid
SanfridVariant spelling of Sannfrid
SanteiFinnish dialectal variant form of Sante
SanterFinnish form of Sander
SanteriHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men
SantteeFinnish dialectal variant form of Sante
SanttiFinnish dialectal variant form of Sante
SaskaFinnish dialectal variant form of Sasa
SassiFinnish dialectal variant form of Sasa
SasuFinnish dialectal variant form of Sasa
SaulusLatin form of Saul
SebastianFrom Sebaste Man from Sebaste Which was a City in Asia Revered Majestic Vehement Protector Greek origin, meaning: the Exalted, also: man from Sebaste. In many languages ​​and Fomen timeless favorite. Namesakes: Johann Sebastian Bach, German composer.
SebedeusLatinised form of Ζεβεδαιος (Zebedaios), the Ancient Greek form of the Hebrew name זְבַדְיָה (Sevadia) = 'God has bestowed'
SebulonNordic spelling of Zebulon
SedrikCreative spelling of Cedric
SeeliFinnish dialectal variant form (Pohjanmaa) of Selim
SeelimFinnish variant spelling of Selim
SeeluFinnish dialectal variant form (Pohjanmaa) of Selim
SeemiFinnish variant form of Semmi
SeeveFinnish spelling of Seve
SefaniaNordic spelling of Zephanija
SefanjaNordic spelling of Zephanija
SefeniasNordic variant form of Sefanias
SeimiFinnish dialectal variant form (Pohjanmaa) of Selim
SeliFinnish pet form of Akseli (see Axelen)
SeliusShort form of Marselius (see Marcellius)
SelmiFinnish form of Selm
SemiFinnish variant form of Sema
SemionVariant form of Semjon
Semmi 1Finnish pet form of Selmi
SemmingNorwegian variant form of Seming
SemoiFinnish orthodox form of Simon
SenuFinnish variant form of Sena
SepeVariant form of Seppo
SepeteusFinnish form of Sebedeus
SeppiFinnish dialectal short form (Länsi-Suomi) of Jooseppi He (God) Will Add
SeppoFinnish seppä = 'smith'

SeppuVariant form of Seppo
SepuFinnish pet form of Sebastian
SevalVariant form of Sevald Maybe Be Loved
SevaldVariant form of Sigvald (see Sigvaldr)
SiegmarOld High German name Victory
SigfridusFormer Latinised form of Sigfrid
SignarNordic name
SigvaldOld Swedish and younger form of Sigvaldr
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