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TaavaFinnish variant form of David
TaaveFinnish variant form of David
TaaveeFinnish variant form of David
TaavetiCourageous Hero who Killed Goliath King of Israel Beloved One Another form of David

TaaviLily Variant of Hebrew Susannah Rose
TaavitFinnish variant form of David
TaavittiFinnish regional variant form of David (Länsi-Suomi)
TaavuFinnish variant form of David
TaikaMagic Spell Frisian side the form of Theodora (meaning: God's Gift).
TaistoBattle Shining Meadow Bright Grassland Country Meadow Bright Meadow
TaitoFinnish taito = 'skill, knowledge'
TåmasCreative spelling of Thomas
TamppiFinnish pet form of Taisto
TanelFinnish pet form of Taneli
TanneFrisian pet form of Old High German names containing the name element DANK
TanskaFinnish pet form of Taneli
TanttiFinnish pet form of Konstantin (see Constantinus)
TanttuFinnish variant form of Tantti
TapaniThe River Godavari The Crowned
TapikkaFinnish dialectal pet form (Karelia) of Tapio
TapoFinnish pet form of Tapani
TapsaFinnish variant form of Tapi
TapsiFinnish dialectal pet form (Länsi-Suomi) of Tapio
TapsoFinnish dialectal pet form (Inkeri) of Tapio
TarkiaFinnish variant form of Tarkus
TarkkaFinnish variant form of Tarkus
TarkkiFinnish variant form of Tarkus
TarkkoFinnish variant form of Tarkus
TarkkuFinnish variant form of Tarkus
TarkusFinnish short form of Aristarkus (see Aristarchus)
TarmoVigour Energy Drive
TarvoOld Finnish tarvas = 'wild aurochs' (Latin: Bos primigenius)
TassuFinnish pet form of David
TaunoPeaceful Modest Forest From the Forest Wood Woman of the Wood
TavitkaFinnish pet form of David
TeemuVictory Of The People
TefanusFinnish form of Stefanus
TeijoFinnish variant form of Teiko
TeikoFinnish variant form of Tyko Child Of Chastity
TeiniFinnish form of Steini (see Stæinn)

TelmarMale form of Telma
TenhoFinnish tenho = 'glamour, charm, spell, magic'
TenneFrisian variant form of Tanne
TenniFinnish pet form of Teini
TennuFinnish variant form of Tenni
TeofiilusFinnish spelling of Theophilus
TeofilusFinnish spelling of Theophilus
TeovilFinnish form of Theophil
TepiFinnish pet form of Teppana
TeppaFinnish short form of Teppana
TeppanaFinnish form of Stephanus
TepuPet form of Terho
TerkkiPet form of Terho
TernoFinnish short form of Terentius
TeroiVariant form of Tero
TertullianMale form of Terttu
TertullianusMale form of Terttu
TeruVariant form of Tero
TeutoriFinnish form of Theodor
ThimCreative spelling of Tim
ThinCreative spelling of Tin
ThobiasCreative spelling of Tobias
ThorbjörnVariant spelling of Torbjörn Thunder
ThordVariant spelling of Tord
ThorleifVariant spelling of Torleif
ThorolfOld Swedish form of ÞórulfR
TiemuFinnish variant form of Tiemus
TiemusFinnish form of Demus
TiinoFinnish variant spelling of Tino
TiinusFinnish form of Tinus
TimoiPet form of Timoteus
TimppaFinnish pet form of Tim
TimukkiFinnish pet form of Tim
TinnVariant form of Tin
TintinPet form of names ending in -tin
TobiaFrom the Hebrew name טוֹבִיָּה (Toviyyah) = 'Yahwee is good' (see also JO)
TobuFinnish variant form of Tobi
ToffeFinnish pet form of Kristoffer
TofferiFinnish pet form of Kristoffer

ToikkaFinnish pet form of Toivo
ToimiFinnish toimi = 'action, task'
ToivaFinnish pet form of Toivo
ToivakkaFinnish pet form of Toivo
ToivikkiFinnish pet form of Toivo
ToivoHope A Young Boy Son A Nickname and Given Name Youngster Like a Bear
ToivottuFinnish pet form of Toivo
TolhviFinnish short form of names ending with -tolhvi
TolkkiFinnish pet form of names ending with -dolf
TolofiFinnish form of Dolf
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