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UakkiFinnish dialectal pet form of Uatam
UatamFinnish dialectal variant form of Oatam
UatikkiFinnish dialectal pet form of Uatam
UkeFinnish pet form of Urmas
UkiPet form of Ukko

UkkiPet form of Usko
UkkoOld Man
UkoEstonian form of Ukko
UkuFinnish dialectal pet form (Pohjanmaa) of Uuno
UljaanusFinnish dialectal form (Karelia) of Julianus
UljasFinnish uljas = 'proud, noble, valiant'
UljoiFinnish dialectal variant form (Karelia) of Julianus
UlofFinnish spelling of Olof
UlrikkiFinnish form of Ulrik
UltrikkiVariant form of Ulrikki
UltuPet form of Ultrikki
UneOld Swedish form of Uni
UnkkaFinnish dialectal form (Karelia / Savo) of Uuno (see *UnR)
UnneOld Swedish variant form of Une (see *UnR)
Uno 1Latinised form of Uni (see *UnR)
UnskaFinnish dialectal pet form (Itä-Suomi) of Unkka
UnskiFinnish variant form of Unkka
UnssiFinnish dialectal pet form (Itä-Suomi) of Unkka
UntamoFinnish variant form of Unto
UntsaFinnish dialectal variant form (Itä-Suomi) of Unkka
UnttiFinnish pet form of Unto
UokkeFinnish pet form of Olaf (see Ólafr)
UokkiVariant form of Uokke
UoleFinnish variant form of Ole
UolevFinnish variant form of Uolevi
UoloFinnish pet form of Olof
UoluFinnish pet form of Olof
UotiFinnish pet form of Olaf (see Ólafr)
UpeFinnish pet form of Urban
UpiVariant form of Upe
UpoVariant form of Upe
UrbaanusFinnish form of Urbanus
UrhoBrave From the Yew Tree Valley Finnish name, meaning: hero, brave warrior.
UrkkaFinnish dialectal pet form (Itä-Suomi) of Urho
UrkkiFinnish pet form of Urho
UrmasFinnish name deriving from a place name in Koski
UrmoFinnish pet form of Urmas
UrpaFinnish short form of Urpaanus
UrpaanusFinnish form of Urbanus

UrpiFinnish short form of Urpaanus
UrpoFinnish short form of Urpaanus
UrpuFinnish short form of Urpaanus
UrskaFinnish pet form of Urho
UrskiFinnish pet form of Urho
UskaliPet form of Usko
UskiVariant form of Usko
UsvalliFinnish variant form of Osvald
UtamoFinnish variant form of Untamo
UulaFinnish spelling of Ola
UulasFinnish variant form of Uljas
UuleFinnish spelling of Ole
UuleviFinnish variant form of Uolevi
UuloFinnish pet form of Olof
UuloffiFinnish form of Olof
UuneFinnish pet form of Urmas
UunuFinnish dialectal pet form (Pohjanmaa) of Uuno
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This Finnish names list for boys is intended for the parents who wishes the best name for their baby. Get the finnish boy names starting with U featuring all finnish names. Finnish names list has many names that will give a unique identity to your kid. Finnish name with meaning in english are provided that will help you name your child.