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YkäVariant form of Yki
YkeVariant form of Yki
YkiPet form of Yrjö (see Yrian)
YlermiFinnish name which was invented by Eino Leino (Armas Einar Leopold Lönnbohm), Finnish poet and journalist (1878-1926) for the main character, a pagan peasant, in one of his poems
YllöFinnish variant form of Ylli (Itä-Suomi and Pohjanmaa)

YriaFinnish form of Yrian
YriöFinnish variant spelling of Yrjö
YrjäVariant form of Yrjänä
YrjänäVariant form of Yrjö
YrjöFinnish younger form of Yria
YrjoFarmer Earth Worker Earthworker A Tiller of the Soil A deriative of George
YrkkiFinnish pet form of Yrjö
YrkköFinnish pet form of Yrjö
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