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AadaOrnamented Decorated
AadolfiiaFinnish variant form of Aadolfiina
AadolfiinaFinnish form of Adolfina
AakustaFinnish form of Augusta
AalEstonian variant form of Aale

AaleEstonian form of Alla Short form of names beginning with Al- (see Ali)
AallotarFinnish name meaning 'water nymph'
AaluEstonian variant form of Aale
AataFinnish variant form of Ata
AatohviinaFinnish variant form of Aadolfiina
AatolvaFinnish form of Adolfa
AatolviinaVariant form of Aadolfiina
AatukkaPet form of Aata
AdaFulfilling a Duty Paying Beauty Elegance Graceful Manner Pure Noble Kind Nobility The Oldest Daughter Happy Ornament Child of the Red Earth Brightness Prosperous Style Special Things Old High German short form of names with "nobility" (meaning: noble) Hebrew origin, meaning: the decked, of noble beings. Namesake: Ada Lovelace, Britsche mathematician.
AdalmiinaFinnish spelling of Adalmina
AdéleCreative spelling of Adele and wrong spelling of Adèle
AdeliinaFinnish spelling of Adelina
AdolfinaVariant form of Adolfa
AdonikaFemale form of Adonis
AfroditeNordic spelling of Aphrodite Risen From The Foam
AgaataFinnish variant spelling of Agatha
AgaateFinnish variant spelling of Agathe
AgafiaLatin spelling of Агафья (Agafya), a Russian form of Agathe
AgapiGreek variant form of Agape Love
AgiEstonian pet form of Agnes
AgneVariant form of Agna
AgneetaFinnish spelling of Agneta
AgnjaRussian pet form of Agnes
AikkaFinnish variant form of Aikki
AikkiFinnish pet form of names beginning with Ai-
AikkoFinnish variant form of Aikki
AikkuFinnish variant form of Aikki
AilaskaFinnish pet form of Aila
AilikkiFinnish pet form of Aili
AilukkaFinnish pet form of Aila
AiluskaFinnish pet form of Aila
AinamoFinnish pet form of Aino
AinikeEstonian form of Ainikki
AinikkaFinnish pet form of Aini
AinikkiFinnish pet form of Aini
AinoThe Only One From the Afton River Place Name Short form of Haino and Heino or Heinrich (meaning composition of "House" and "ruler") a girl's name.
AinuFinnish pet form of Aino
AinukkaFinnish pet form of Aino

AinuskaFinnish pet form of Aino
AippoFinnish pet form of Aino
AirikkiPet form of Airi
AiruskaPet form of Airi
AiskaFinnish pet form of Aino
AkaataFinnish form of Agatha
AkaattaFinnish form of Agatha
AkattaFinnish form of Agatha
AkkaataFinnish form of Agatha
AkkaattaFinnish form of Agatha
AkneetaFinnish form of Agneta
AkneettaFinnish form of Agneta
AknesFinnish form of Agnes
AkniettaFinnish form of Agneta
AksinjaNordic spelling of Аксинья (Aksinya) a Russian form of Xenia
AkuliinaFinnish pet form of Aquilina
AkustaFinnish form of Augusta
AkustiinaFinnish form of Augustina
AkviliinaFinnish spelling of Aquilina
AkvilinaFinnish spelling of Aquilina
AlbertiinaFinnish spelling of Albertina
AldeVariant form of Alda
AleOld Wise Ruler Old Leader
AleksanraVariant form of Alexandra
AleksiinaFinnish variant spelling of Alexina
AleksinaVariant form of Alexina
AleksjaFinnish form of Але́ксия (Aleksiya), a Russian form of Alexia
AlffiFinnish variant form of Alfi
AlfhildaVariant form of Alfhildr
AlfhiltaFinnish form of Alfhilda
AlfiinaFinnish form of Alfina
AlfinaVariant form of Alfa
AlfineVariant form of Alfina
AlfvildaFinnish variant form of Alfhilda
ÄliSwedish dialectal variant form of Eli
AliidaFinnish spelling of Alida
AliisaWise Counsellor Sage Counsel from the Elves Elf Magical Counsel Spanish Form of Alfred Elf Counsel
AliisiFinnish variant form of Aliisa
AlikkaFinnish pet form of Alina
AlisaCounsel from the Elves Elf Magical Counsel Kind TypeOf A Noble Kind
AliskoFinnish variant form of Aliska
AlkkaFinnish pet form of Alina
AlkkoFinnish variant form of Alkka
AlkkuFinnish variant form of Alkka
AlliLong-tailed Duck Noble Nobility Feminine of Alexander Defender of Mankind Diamond

AlliinaFinnish variant form of Alina
AlliisaFinnish variant form of Alisa
AlmiPet form of Alma
AlmiiraFinnish spelling of Almira
AloneGaelic name meaning 'tall, beautiful'
AlviidaFinnish form of Alvida
AlviinaFinnish variant form of Alfiina (see Alfina)
AlviiraFinnish spelling of Alvira
AlwaCreative spelling of Alva
AmaaliVariant spelling of Amali
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