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DaghildNordic name
DagmarDay Joy of the Danes Day's Glory Glorious Maid Great Day Danish origin, meaning: famous day. In Germany emerged late 19th century and continues to be popular. Namesake: Dagmar Berghoff, German newscaster.
DakmarFinnish form of Takmari
DakmariFinnish form of Takmari
DeeliaFinnish form of Delia

DeeluFinnish pet form of Adela
DelineVariant form of Delina
DendyVariant spelling of Dandy
DesiréNordic variant spelling of Désirée The Longed-For
DiktaShort form of Benedikta (see Benedicta)
DoaVariant form of Dua Pray
DordiNorwegian and Swedish form of Dorde
DordyVariant form of Dordi
DoroteaMythological Mother of Perseus by Zeus Fear Raging Woman Delight Divine Swarthy Gift Of God
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