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EdiitaFinnish form of Edita
EdnyNorwegian name
EdvinaFemale form of Edvin (see Eadwine)
EeaFinnish form of Ea
EeditFinnish form of Edith

EedlaFinnish spelling of Edla
EekkuFinnish pet form of Erika
EelaFinnish spelling of Ela
EeliFinnish spelling of Eli Strong Man Of God
EelinFinnish spelling of Elin
EerikkaFinnish variant form of Erika
EetiFinnish form of Eddie
EevaJoyous Strife for Wealth
EevaliisaFinnish spelling of Evalisa
EevastiinaFinnish name
EevuFinnish pet form of Eva
EevuliFinnish pet form of Eva
EffeVariant form of Effi
EfroFinnish short form of Efrosiina
EfrosiinaFinnish variant form of Eufrosyne
EhveFinnish variant form of Effe
EhviFinnish variant form of Effi
EidaFrisian variant form of Ida
EiliNorwegian dialectal variant form of Eila
EineFemale form of Eino Alone
EiniFemale form of Eino Alone
EinikkiPet form of Eini
EirinVariant form of Eir Help
EivorVariant form of Eyvor
EjvorSwedish variant spelling of Eivor
ElbeVariant form of Elba
ElenuuraFinnish variant form of Eleonora
ElfrideVariant form of Elfrida
ÉlianeFrench form of Eliana My God Is Yahweh
ElikkaFinnish dialectal pet form of Eli
ElinaLight Form of Eleanor Sun-ray Shinning Light Variant of Helen Woman with Intelligence Pure Intelligent Torch Moon Moon Elope English short form of Eleanor, the English form of Eleonore (meaning suggesting the other) Nordic form of Helene (meaning: the Shining) French Nebenform of Elie, the feminine form of Elias (meaning My God is Yahweh).
ElionoraVariant form of Eleonora
ElisaGod is My Oath God's Promise Consecrated to God Abbreviation of Elisabeth Spanish Form of Elizabeth Consecrated to God Dedicated to God
ElisabetGazelle Small Deer Shaking My God Is Abundance

ElisapettiFinnish variant form of Elisabet
ElisebetVariant form of Elisabeth
ElisiFinnish variant form of Elisa
ElisifVariant form of Ellisif
ElkkoFinnish dialectal pet form of Ella (Karelia)
ElkkuFinnish dialectal pet form of Ella (Karelia)
ElleviSwedish name
ElliinaFinnish spelling of Elina
ElliisaFinnish variant spelling of Eliisa
ElliisapettyFinnish variant form of Elisabet
EllinkaEstonian pet form of Ellina
EllinooraFinnish spelling of Ellinora
EllinoraVariant form of Ellinor
EllukkaFinnish pet form of Ellu
ElmiinaFinnish spelling of Elmina
ElmiiraFinnish spelling of Elmira
ElmukkaFinnish pet form of Elma
ElsaWorld Ruler Form of Donn In Mythology the Irish Donn was Known as King of the Underworld Short form of Elizabeth (meaning: my God is perfect). Namesake: Elsa Morante, Italian writer.
ElsabetVariant form of Elsebet
ElsamariaVariant form of Elsemarie
ElsbetShort form of Elisabet
ElsebetShort form of Elisabet
ElsemaiVariant spelling of Elsemaj
ElsemajSwedish name
ElsemariVariant spelling of Elsemarie
ElsinaVariant form of Elsa
ElsmajVariant form of Elsemaj
ElsmariVariant form of Elsemarie
ElsmayVariant spelling of Elsmaj
ElssaFinnish variant form of Elsa
ElssuFinnish variant form of Elsu
ElsuFinnish pet form of Elsa
ElsukkaFinnish pet form of Elsa
ElviiraFinnish spelling of Elvira
EmeliiaFinnish spelling of Emelia
EmeliijaFinnish variant spelling of Emeliia
EmeljaVariant form of Emelia
EmiliaIndustrious Hardworking Variant of the French Emmeline Italian and Spanish form of Emilie (meaning similar to an ancient Roman sex). Known by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing's play "Emilia Galotti" (1772).
EmiliiaVariant spelling of Emilia
EmilitaVariant form of Emilia
EmiljaVariant form of Emilia
EmliVariant form of Emly
EmmaliinaFinnish spelling of Emmalina

EmmeliSwedish form of Emelie (see Emelia)
EmmiinaFinnish variant form of Emina
EmminaVariant form of Emina
EndisModern form of Ärndis
EneVariant form of Ena
EneaVariant form of Ena
EproFinnish variant form of Efro
EriikaFinnish variant form of Erika
EriikkaFinnish variant form of Erika
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