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FanniLiberated Pet Name Variant of Frances Tree Germanized version of Fanny.
FebroniaVariant form of Februari
FeemiFinnish variant form of Femja
FeemiaFinnish form of Femja
FeemjaFinnish form of Femja

FeiOld High German pet form of Sophie (see Sophia)
FetriikaVariant form of Fretriika
FiiaFinnish spelling of Fia
FiiarVariant form of Fiia
FiijaFinnish variant form of Fiia
FiijuVariant form of Fiia
FiikeeFinnish dialectal pet form of Fiken
FiinaFinnish form of Fina
FiinuFinnish variant form of Fiina
FilipiaVariant form of Filippia
FilippiaExtended form of Philippa
FilippineNordic spelling of Philippine
FlooraFinnish form of Flora
FluuraFinnish variant form of Flora
FransiinaFinnish spelling of Fransina
FransiliaFemale form of Frans
FransiljaVariant form of Fransilia
FransinaFemale form of Frans (see Franz)
FransiskaNordic spelling of Francisca
FredrikaTrust Belief Faithful Loyalty Hope Confidence One of the Virtues Faith Charity
FreijaCreative spelling of Freja
FressaFinnish dialectal form of Fredrika (see Frederika)
FressuFinnish variant form of Fressa
FretriikaFinnish form of Fredrika
FretriikkaFinnish form of Fredrika
FreturiikaFinnish dialectal form of Frederika
FriaVariant form of Frida
FrideborgSwedish form of Frideburg
FriderikaVariant form of Friderike
FriderikeNordic spelling of Friederike
FriidaFinnish spelling of Frida
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This Finnish names list for girls is intended for the parents who wishes the best name for their baby. Get the finnish girl names starting with F featuring all finnish names. Finnish names list has many names that will give a unique identity to your kid. Finnish name with meaning in english are provided that will help you name your child.