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HallnySwedish form of Hallný
HalviVariant spelling of Hallvi
HannakaisaFinnish name

HannaleenaFinnish spelling of Hannalena
HannaliinaFinnish form of Hannelina
HannamariFinnish name
HannamarieVariant spelling of Hannamari
HannelePet form of Hanna. Known by Gerhart Hauptmann's dream poem "Hannele Ascension" (1893). He (God) Was Gracious
HanneliFinnish pet form of Hanna
HannelinaSwedish name
HannemarieVariant form of Hannamari
HannukkaFinnish pet form of Hanna
HannuliFinnish pet form of Hanna
HanttaVariant form of Hanttu
HanttuFemale form of Hannu (see Hans)
HardineVariant form of Harda
HärdisOld Swedish form of Herdís
HarietVariant spelling of Harriet
HedaPet form of German names beginning with Hed- (see HAD) Fight
HeddiVariant form of Hedda
HeidiValley Valley in the Mountains From Glen Glen is a Narrow Valley Between Hills Pet form of Adelheid (meaning: of noble figure) and Heidrun (meaning composition of "shape" and "Secret"). Known by Johanna Spyri's children's book "Heidi" (1880/81). Namesake: Heidi Klum, German model.
HeiniVariant form of Heina
HeklaFrom the name of the active volcano in southwest Iceland Cloak
HeldaVariant form of Hilda (see Hildr)
HeleFinnish variant form of Hella
HeleenaTorch Ray Light Moon Moon Elope Glowing
HelénCreative spelling of Helene
HelènCreative spelling of Hélène
HelenaLight Torch Sun Ray Corposant Bright One Shine One Spiritual Light
HelenéCreative spelling of Helene
HeléneCreative spelling of Helene
HelénéCreative spelling of Hélène
HelèneCreative spelling of Hélène
HéleneCreative spelling of Hélène
HélenéCreative spelling of Hélène
HéléneCreative spelling of Hélène
HelfridFemale form of the German male name Helfried
HelginaVariant form of Helga
HelinäFinnish variant form of Helina
HelineNorwegian dialectal variant form of Helina
HeljaPet form of names beginning with Hel-, especially Helga and Helena
HeljäFinnish variant form of Helja

HeljeVariant form of Helja
HeljoVariant form of Helja
HeljuFinnish variant form of Helja
HelkkiFinnish pet form of Helvi
HelkkoFinnish pet form of Helvi
HelkkuFinnish variant form of Helka
HelkkyFinnish variant form of Helka
HellFinnish dialectal short form of Hella
HelläFinnish variant form of Hella
HelleDanish variant form of Hella Holy
HelleenaFinnish variant spelling of Helena
HelleviYounger form of Hellevig
HelliVariant form of Hella
HellinVariant form of Helin
HelluFinnish variant form of Hella
HelmiRuler of an Enclosure Form of Harold Army-power Estate Ruler Henry Army Ruler Army Man Home Ruler Pet form of Helma (meaning: Helm).
HelmiinaFinnish spelling of Helmina
HelnaShort form of Helena
HelnäFinnish short form of Helene
HelnyNordic name
HelseNorwegian dialectal variant form (Halvemål) of Else
HeluFinnish variant form of Hella
HelunaFinnish variant form of Helena
HelvaVariant form of Helvi
HelviiVariant form of Helvi
HelviikiFinnish pet form of Helvig
HelyPet form of Hella
HendriettaVariant form of Henrietta
HennaGolden Creeper Home Ruler House Owner Lord of the Manor God was Gracious God has Favoured Me Mehendi Blessed
HennariikkaFinnish variant form of Henriikka
HennikaNordic variant form of Hennike
HennuFinnish pet form of Henna
HenriettVariant form of Henriette
HenriikaVariant form of Henriikka
HenrikkaVariant form of Henrikke
HentriikaFinnish form of Hendrika
HentriikkaVariant form of Hentriika
HenttaPet form of Hentriika (see Hendrika)
HenttuVariant form of Hentta
HepaFinnish pet form of Heda
HepeFinnish pet form of Helvi
HepuVariant form of Hepa
HerttaFinnish spelling of Hertha

HervorYounger form of Hervǫr
HessuFinnish dialectal variant form of Hessa
HesuFinnish variant form of Hessa
HetaliisaFinnish name
HetastiinaFinnish name
HikkaPet form of Hilkka
HildeborgNordic form of Hildiburg
HildegaardVariant form of Hildegard
HildegunSwedish modern form of Hildigunnr
HilippaFinnish variant form of Philippa
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