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JäärdaFinnish spelling of Gerda
JadessaVariant form of Jade
JaklinCreative spelling of Jacqueline
JaklinaCreative spelling of Jacquelina

JaklineCreative spelling of Jacqueline
JalmiinaFemale form of Jalmar
JanakkaVariant form of Janikka
JaniClimber A Climbing Evergreen Ornamental Plant God is Gracious Lord of Men African name, meaning: sheet.
JaniikaFinnish spelling of Janika
JaniinaFinnish spelling of Janina
JanikkaFinnish form of Jannike
JaninaGod's Gracious Gift Well-born Noble Slavic form of Johanna (meaning: God is merciful) female form or addition to the form of Jana. In Germany, since the end of the 20th century very fashionable.
JankeFrisian short form of Jannike
JannaParadise Heaven Flourishing Female Version of John The Lord is Gracious God is Merciful Frisian, Nordic short form of Johanna (meaning: God is merciful) Short form of names ending in 'Ianna "or" Ianne " Greek name, meaning: God rests African name, meaning: sky Janne is a boy name.
JanniinaFinnish variant spelling of Janiina
JaqlineCreative spelling of Jacqueline
JaqulinCreative spelling of Jacqueline
JarmoFinnish form of Jeremiah (meaning: God raised). Yahwe Uplifts
JärttyFinnish variant form of Jerttu
JasmiinaFinnish spelling of Jasmina
JattaFinnish short form of Marjatta
JekatarinaVariant form of Jekaterina
JekateriinaFinnish spelling of Jekaterina
JelenäFinnish dialectal variant form of Jelena (Karelia)
JeliFinnish dialectal pet form of Jelena
JemiinaFinnish variant spelling of Jemina
JemmiFinnish pet form of Jemima
JenniinaFinnish variant spelling of Jennina
JenninaPet form of Jenni White
JensinaVariant form of Jensine Yahweh Is Gracious
JertruFinnish variant form of Gertrud
JerttiFinnish variant form of Jerttu
JerttuFinnish variant form of Gertrud
JoaninaVariant form of Johannina
JoennaCreative spelling of Joanna (English pronunciation)
JohannaGod is Grace The Lord is Gracious God's Gracious Gift Form of Joanne Greek name of Hebrew origin, feminine form or Johannes (meaning: God is merciful) African name, meaning: God's blessing. Timeless popular name in Germany, which is known from the New Testament. Namesake: Johanna Spyri, Swiss writer.
JolanteVariant form of Jolanta
JonelaVariant form of Jonella
JonetaVariant form of Jonetta
JonidaAlbanian name of uncertain meaning, maybe related to the name of the Ionian Sea
JonnaGod is Gracious Modern Female Version of John and Jon Merciful Nordic form of Johanna (meaning: God is merciful).
JoosiinaFinnish form of Josina

JosefiaVariant form of Josepha
JosefinNordic spelling of Joséphine He (God) Will Add
JössePet form of Hjördis
JuhannaFinnish form of Johanna
JuikkoFinnish pet form of Julia
JuliaYouthful Soft Haired Down-bearded Youth Jove's Child Descended from Jupiter (Jove) Soft Bearded God is Gracious
JuliaanaFinnish form of Juliana
JuljaVariant form of Julia
JuljaanaFinnish variant form of Juliaana
JuljanaFinnish variant form of Juliaana
JuljoFinnish pet form of Julia
JuosukkaFinnish female pet form of Juosu
JuriittaFinnish form of Juditha
JustiinaFinnish form of Justina
JutiFinnish variant form of Juta
JuuditFinnish form of Judith
JuuhannaVariant spelling of Juhanna
JuuliFinnish short form of Juulia
JuuliaFinnish form of Julia
JuuliskaFinnish pet form of Julia
JuusefiinaFinnish variant form of Josefina
JuutiFinnish form of Judy
JuutihtaFinnish form of Juditha
JyyliFinnish pet form of Julia
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