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KaapriellaFinnish form of Gabriella
KaarinaRare Excellence Precious Stone A Gem Play Thing Delight Jewel Joy Maybe The Pure
KaaruFinnish variant form of Kaari
KaataShort form of Akaata (see Agathe)
KaijaGood Think Clever Just Upright Righteous True Judicious Fair Hebrew origin, feminine form of Chaim (meaning: life) Nordic short form of Katharina (meaning: the Pure).

KaijuVariant form of Kaija
KaijukkaPet form of Kaija
KaijuliPet form of Kaija
KaikkoPet form of Kaija
KainoFinnish kaino = 'shy'
KaisaBrave Alert A Phonetic Form of the Initials Kc Similar to the Irish Name Casey Vigorous Watchful
KaisiVariant form of Kaisa
KaislaFinnish kaisla = 'reed'
KaisliVariant form of Kaisla
KaisuVariant form of Kaisa
KaisukkaPet form of Kaisa
KaisuliPet form of Kaisa
KakkoFinnish dialectal pet form (Karelia) of Katariina
KalleMighty Warrior Stream Keeper of the Keys Pure Man
KanervaFinnish kanerva = 'heather' (Lat. Calluna vulgaris)
KapitolaNordic spelling of Capitola
KarellaFemale form of Karel
KarinPure One Form of Catherine Clear Summer Forest Abbreviation of Katherine Swedish form of Katharina (meaning: the Pure): In Germany the mid 20th century popular. Namesake: Karin Baal, German actress.
KarittaVariant form of Karita
KarliinaFinnish spelling of Karlina
KarlognaVariant form of Karlovna
KarlovnaRussian patronymic surname meaning 'Karl's daughter'
KarukkaFinnish pet form of Karu
KaruliinaFinnish variant form of Karoliina
KasparaFemale form of Kaspar
KastehelmiFinnish kastehelmi = 'dewdrop'
KatariinaMaybe The Pure
KatiOne Possessed with Many Qualities Pure
KatiaanaVariant spelling of Katjaana
KatiinaFinnish spelling of Katina
KatikkaDialectal pet form (East Finland) of Kati
KatjaanaFinnish spelling of Katjana
KatjanaExtended form of Katja Maybe The Pure
KatjuskaVariant form of Katuska
KatriGod is Gracious Abbreviation of Names Like Joanna and Josephine It is also Used as a Prefix in Compound Names Like Jobeth and Jolisa He will Enlarge
Katta 1Short form of Akatta
KatuskaFinnish dialectal pet form (Karelia) of Katariina
KeeaFinnish variant form of Kea

KeeniaShort form of Eukenia
KeijuFemale form of Keijo
KepsaFinnish variant form of Kepsu
KepsuFinnish variant form of Kepu
KepuFinnish pet form of Gertrud
KerttuliFinnish pet form of Kerttu
KethVariant spelling of Ket
KieloLily Of The Valley
KiiaFinnish spelling of Kia
KiinaFinnish form of Gina
KiiraGod will Add Feminine of Joseph
KikkaVariant form of Kiki
KirsiFrom the Royal Fortress Meadow Anointed Follower of Christ Radiant Personality Christian Woman Nordic Nebenform of Christine Indian name, meaning: favorite flower.
KirsimarjaFinnish kirsimarja = 'cherry'
KirstiVariant Form of Christine Follower of Christ Christian Woman Norwegian and Swedish side form of Kirstin or Kirsten and Christine. In Germany rarely awarded.
KitiVariant form of Kit
KittaFinnish form of Gitta
KlaaraFinnish spelling of Clara
KlaryNordic spelling of Clary
KlaudiVariant spelling of Claudi
KonkordiaNordic spelling of Concordia
KonstantiaNordic spelling of Constantia
KreetaFinnish variant form of Greta
KreettaFinnish variant form of Greta
KrisseVariant form of Chris
KristiinaWhite Wave Diminutive of Jane and Jennifer White Spirit Race of Women Fair Smooth White and Smooth Soft Christian
KristoffaNordic spelling of Christopha
Kukka-MaariaFinnish name
KukkamaariaVariant spelling of Kukka-Maaria
KukkamariaVariant form of Kukka-Maaria
KunigundaVariant form of Kunigunde Tribe
KustaavaFinnish spelling of Gustava
KyllikkiWoman Abundance
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