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LaaliShort form of Laalia
LaaliaFinnish spelling of Lalia
LaaraFinnish variant spelling of Lara
LahjukkaPet form of Lahja

LahjuskaPet form of Lahja
LaikkiVariant form of Laikku
LaikkoVariant form of Laikku
LaikkuFinnish pet form of Laine
LailuFinnish pet form of Laila
LaimiLatvian name
LainuPet form of Laine
LainukkaPet form of Laine
LaitsaFinnish pet form of Laimi
LaitsuFinnish pet form of Laimi
LalluFinnish pet form of Laila
LapeFinnish pet form of Laila
LareVariant form of Lara
LariCrowned with Laurels Laurel
LauhaFinnish lauha = 'mild, gentle'
LauraLaurel Crowned with Laurels The Laurel Tree Sweet Bay Tree Bay Italian name of Latin origin, meaning: a laurel wreath Italian, Spanish short form of Laurentia (meaning: from Laurentum stem end, too: laurel wreath). In Italy and Germany, a popular name, known by Friedrich Schiller's "Laura" -Poems. Namesake: Laura Biagiotti, Italian fashion designer.
LauramaijaFinnish name
LauriLaurel Tree Sweet Bay Tree Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and Victory Diminutive of Laura English pet form of Laura (meaning: laurel wreath) a boy name.
LauriinaFinnish spelling of Laurina
LaurukkaFinnish dialectal pet form of Laura
LaveVariant form of Lava
LeaTired Weary Meadow Delicate Bringer of Good News Fatigued Meadow Pasture biblical name of Hebrew origin, meaning: wild cow. In Germany, since the end of the 20th century very popular. Namesake: Lea Rosh, German journalist.
LeenaA Devoted One Tender Light Free Man Palm Tree Feminine Diminutive Form of Charles Carl A Man Wet Meadow Little and Womanly Plant of Dates Soft Mild Clemency Variant of Helen
LeeniPet form of Leena
LeenuPet form of Leena
LeenukkaPet form of Leena
LeijaFinnish variant form of Lea
LejaFinnish variant form of Lea Wild Cow
LembiEstonian equivalent form of Lempi
LemmikkiFinnish pet form of Lempi
LempiLove God of Fertility and Peace Beautiful He who is Foremost God of Peace and Prosperity
LemppaFinnish pet form of Lempi
LempparFinnish pet form of Lempi
LemppuFinnish pet form of Lempi
LempsaFinnish pet form of Lempi
LempukkaFinnish pet form of Lempi
LenithaCreative spelling of Lenita
LenneVariant form of Lenna
LennuFinnish variant form of Lenna

LenttuFinnish pet form of Lena
LeontiinaFinnish spelling of Leontina
LessuFinnish pet form of Lea
LevantiinaFinnish variant form of Leontina
LevottiinaFinnish variant form of Leontina
LiekkoFinnish pet form of Liena
LienaFinnish dialectal variant form of Lena
LieppoFinnish pet form of Liena
Liia 1Finnish spelling of Lia
LiidaFinnish spelling of Lida
LiijaCreative spelling of Liia
Liina 1Finnish spelling of Lina
LiiniFinnish pet form of Liina
LiinuFinnish pet form of Liina
LiippoFinnish variant form of Lippo
LiisaMy God is a Vow My God Is Abundance
LiisapettiFinnish form of Lisabet
LiisapettyFinnish form of Lisabet
LiisastiinaFinnish name
LiiskeeFinnish dialectal variant form (Pohjanmaa) of Lisken
LiisukkaFinnish pet form of Lisa
LiitaFinnish variant form of Liida (see Lida)
LiivuFinnish variant form of Liva
LikkiPet form of Mielikki
LiljaFunny and Nature Lover Consecrated to God God is My Oath My God is Vow Form of Elizabeth Pledged to God God's Promise Lily
LiljanVariant form of Lilian
LindaSoft Tender Pretty One
LindisShort form of Germanic names ending with -lindis
LintaFinnish variant form of Linda
LintiFinnish pet form of Linda
LintuFinnish pet form of Linda
LintukkaFinnish pet form of Linda
LipeFinnish variant form of Lipa
LippaFinnish pet form of Liisapetti (see Lisabet)
LippeVariant form of Lippa
LippoFinnish variant form of Lippa
LirkkuFinnish pet form of Liisa
LiselottVariant form of Liselotte
LisenPet form of Lisa
LispeFinnish short form of Lispet
LispetFinnish form of Lisbet
LispettiFinnish variant form of Lispet
LissuFinnish variant form of Lissi

LissukkaFinnish pet form of Lissu
LisukkaFinnish pet form of Lisa
LittuFinnish pet form of Lispetti
LoolaFinnish variant spelling of Lola
LooraFinnish variant form of Flora
LopoFinnish variant form of Loppa
LorentinaVariant form of Lorentine
LottaLight Pity Man
LottenSwedish pet form of Lotte
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