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Maalia 1Finnish form of Malia
MaaluVariant form of Maala
MaaretFinnish variant spelling of Maret
MaariaOf the Iyre Song
MaarieFinnish variant form of Marie

MaaritThe Pearl
MaddeSwedish pet form of Madeleine
MadelainCreative spelling of Madeleine
MadeleinaVariant form of Madeleine
MadelèneCreative spelling of Madelene
MadickenSwedish pet form of Margareta, invented by Astrid Lindgren for the main character of her book 'Madicken' (1960)
MadleenaFinnish spelling of Madlena
MadleinCreative spelling of Madeleine
MadleineCreative spelling of Madeleine Of Magdala
MadliShort form of Madeleine
MagdaleenaFinnish variant spelling of Magdalena
MagdalenaWoman from Magdala Woman from Kynthos The Biblical Mary Magdalene Came from Magdala Area Near the Sea of Galilee Hebrew origin, similar to Mary Magdalene [meaning: the Magdalene (on ʃee Galilee) derived (Mary)]. Since the Reformation in Germany spread. Namesake: Mary Magdalene, disciple of Jesus from the New Testament.
MaggaPet form of Margareta and its variant forms
MagretDialectal variant form of Margret The Pearl
MagretaDialectal variant form of Margreta
MagreteVariant form of Magreta
MagrethVariant spelling of Magret
MagrittVariant form of Magrit
MaidiGerman pet form of Maid = 'young woman, girl, virgin, servant'
MaijaReady for Battle Solitary Variant of Alona or Leona Lion Brave Hardy Maybe Bitterness
MaijastiinaFinnish name
MaijiiBeloved Rebellion Lady Bitter Sea of Bitterness A deriative of Mary Wished-for Child Star of the Sea
MaijuFinnish variant of Maija
MaijuskaFinnish pet form of Maiju
MaikkaFinnish variant form of Maikki
MaikkiPet form of Mai (see Maj)
MaikkoVariant form of Maikki
MaikkuVariant form of Maikki
MaileenaFinnish spelling of Majlena
MailiisFinnish variant spelling of Majlis
MailiisaFinnish spelling of Majlisa
MailisVariant spelling of Majlis
MainFrisian short form of Meina Benefit
MainiFemale form of Mainio
MainikkiPet form of Maini
MaireGushing Sugary Maiden Irish form of Maria.
MaisiSwedish variant form of Majsa
MaissiFinnish variant form of Maisa
MaisuFinnish variant form of Maisa

MaivorVariant spelling of Majvor
MajenPet form of Maj and Maja
MajgretSwedish name
MajlisSwedish name
MajneVariant spelling of Maine
MajsuFinnish form of Majsa
MajvorSwedish name
MaktaleenaFinnish form of Magdalena
MaliinaGreenlandic younger form of Malîna
MalluVariant form of Malla
Malo 1Variant spelling of Malou
MalviVariant form of Malva
MalviinaFinnish spelling of Malvina
MalwaCreative spelling of Malva
ManduVariant form of Manda
MantaFinnish form of Manda
ManttuVariant form of Mantu
MantuVariant form of Manta
MantukkaVariant form of Mantu
MapeFinnish pet form of Marppa
MapuFinnish pet form of Marppa
MargaretaPearl The Pearl
MargiteVariant form of Margita
MargithaCreative spelling of Margita
MargittaVariant form of Margita The Pearl
MargrethVariant spelling of Margret The Pearl
MariaBitter Sea of Bitterness The Perfect One Sea of Sorrow Wished for Child Rebellious Star Mary Hebrew origin, Latin and Greek form of Mirjam (meaning suggesting godsend or: the fertile, also possible: the bitter, sorrowful, Unruly). A timeless popular name in many countries, widely used in Germany for five centuries. As a middle name also a protective name for boys. Namesake: Maria Callas, Greek singer.
MariaanaFinnish variant spelling of Mariana
MariettVariant form of Mariette
MariiaGreenlandic and Finnish spelling of Maria
MariijaFinnish variant spelling of Marija
MariinaFinnish variant spelling of Marina
MariittaFinnish variant form of Marita
MarijanneCreative spelling of Marianne
MarikaBitter Star Sea Sea of Bitterness Wished for Child To Swell
MarikkiFinnish variant form of Marikka
MäritVariant form of Märet
MaritheCreative spelling of Marite
MarittVariant form of Marit
MarittaVariant of Maria Bitterness Beloved Infinite Endless Star of the Sea Maybe Bitterness
MaritteVariant form of Maritta
MarjaVariant of Mary Bitter Beloved Maybe Bitterness

MarjaleenaFinnish name
MarjalenaVariant form of Marjaleena
MarjaliisaFinnish name
MarjamNordic variant form of Mariam
MarjannaCreative spelling of Marianna
MarjanneCreative spelling of Marianne
MarjattaMaybe Bitterness
MarjetShort form of Marjetta Maybe Bitterness
MarjettFinnish variant form of Marjetta
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