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OdetaCreative spelling of Odetta Blue
OditNorwegian name
OgoiFinnish short form of Okuliina
OilikkiFinnish pet form of Oili

OiviFemale form of Oiva
OivikkiFinnish pet form of Oivi
OkkiFinnish pet form of Okuliina
OksenjaFinnish form of Aksinja
OkuFinnish pet form of Okuliina
OkuliFinnish short form of Okuliina
OkuliinaOrthodox form of Akvilina (see Aquilina)
OlavaFemale form of Olav (see Ólafr) and Olavus
OliivjaFinnish variant form of Olivia
OljoiFinnish dialectal form (Karelia) of Olga
OlkaFinnish form of Olga
OlkkaFinnish dialectal form (Savo) of Olga
OlliPet form of names with "Ol 'as well (meaning: possession) a boy name.
OloiFinnish dialectal form (Karelia) of Olga
OlokaFinnish dialectal form (Savo) of Olga
OlokkaFinnish dialectal form (Savo) of Olga
OlokkoFinnish dialectal form (Savo) of Olga
OluskaFinnish dialectal form (Savo) of Olga
OneShort form of Onerva
OnervaFinnish onerva = 'the hay grown after harvesting'
OnervoVariant form of Onerva
OnneaVariant form of Onnia
OnnetarFemale form of Onni
OnniaFemale form of Onni
OnuShort form of Onerva
OnukkaPet form of Onerva
OonaSymbol of Peace Olive Tree Irish secondary form of Oonagh and Una (meaning: the one and only, also: the Content, lamb).
OosaFinnish variant spelling of Osa
OpriFinnish dialectal pet form of Eufrosyne (Karelia)
OproiFinnish dialectal pet form of Eufrosyne (Karelia)
OrpaFinnish female form of Orpo
OrvokkiPansy Flower Violet
OskaraNordic spelling of Oscara
OttelShort form of Ottelia
OtteliShort form of Ottelia
OtteliaanaVariant form of Ottiliana
OttelijaanaVariant form of Ottiliana
OtteljaVariant form of Ottelia
OtteljaanaVariant form of Ottiliana
OttiiliaFinnish variant form of Ottilia

OttilianaVariant form of Ottilia
OudoiOld variant form of Oudotja
OudotjaFormer variant form of Audotja
OuteFormer variant form of Oudotja
OutiYounger variant form of Oudotja
OutotjuFormer variant form of Oudotja
OvidiaFemale form of Ovidius
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