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PäikkiShort form of Päivikki
PäiväFinnish päivä = 'day'
PäiviVariant form of Päivä and female form of Päiviö Day
PäivikkiPet form of Päivä and Päivi
PäivykkäVariant form of Päivikki

PäivytVariant form of Päivikki
PajuFinnish paju = 'willow'
PälviFinnish pälvi = 'snowfree spot'
PaprikaDanish paprika = 'paprika'
PaulaSmall Humble String Little Latin origin, feminine form of Paul (meaning: the little one). A timeless and in Germany very popular name. Namesake: Paula Modersohn-Becker, German painter.
PauliLord Ruler Break by Twisting Baskets of Fish Master Pet Form of Patricia
PauliinaThe Small
PaulukkaFinnish pet form of Paula
PeetaFinnish variant form of Peta
PeppiinaFinnish variant spelling of Peppina
PeppilottaFinnish form of Pippilotta
PerttaFinnish variant form of Bertta
PertukkaFinnish pet form of Pertta
PetraAdviser Solitary Alone Unique A Wise Counsellor Saint Nun Timekeeper Noble Aristocratic Latin origin, feminine form of Peter (meaning: rock). In Germany, widespread since the 20th century and particularly popular around 1960.
PetriinaFinnish spelling of Petrina
PetryNorwegian variant form of Petra
PettaFinnish form of Betta
PettiFinnish variant form of Betti
PetuFinnish variant form of Peta
PiattaFinnish dialectal form (Karelia) of Beata
PietaFinnish dialectal form (Pohjois-Suomi) of Beata
PiettaFinnish dialectal form (Karelia) of Beata
PietuFinnish dialectal form (Savo) of Beata
PihlaFinnish pihlaja = 'rowan' (Latin name: 'Sorbus')
Piia 1Finnish spelling of Pia
PiinuFinnish form of Bina
PiituFinnish pet form of names beginning with Pi-
PijattaFinnish dialectal form (Itä-Suomi) of Beata
PilveEstonian form of Pilvi
PilviA Cloud
PinjaStone Pine Pine Tree
PipsaFinnish pet form of names beginning with Pi-
PiritaFinnish form of Byrita
PirittaThe Exalted One
PirjaFinnish variant form of Pirjo
PirjettaFinnish variant form of Birgitta
PirjoFinnish diminutive of Brigitte (meaning: the sublime). The Exalted One
PirkettiFinnish variant form of Birgitta
PirkiFinnish pet form of Birgitta

PirkitFinnish form of Birgit
PirkittaFinnish form of Birgitta
PirkkaFinnish short form of Birgitta
PirkkoFinnish diminutive of Brigitte (meaning: the sublime). The Exalted One
PirreFinnish pet form of names beginning with Pir-
PirriFinnish variant form of Pirre
PirtaFinnish form of Birta
PittaShort form of Pirkitta
PloniGerman pet form of Apollonia
PlonyVariant spelling of Ploni
PriittaFinnish form of Britta
PrikittaFinnish variant form of Brigitta
PulmuFinnish pulmunen = 'snow bunting', a bird with the Latin name 'Plectrophenax nivalis'
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