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RaahaPet form of Rauha
RaakeliFinnish variant form of Rakel
RaakkelFinnish variant form of Rakel
RaakkeliFinnish variant form of Rakel

RaakuFinnish variant form of Raku
RagnborgOld Norse name
RagneNorwegian variant form of Ragna
RagniVariant form of Ragndi (see Ragnfríðr)
RagnyVariant form of Ragni
RaijuPet form of Raisa
RaijukkaPet form of Raiju
RaijuskaPet form of Raiju
RaikkaFinnish pet form of Raili
RaikkiPet form of Raisa
RaikkuFinnish pet form of Raili
RailaFinnish variant form of Raili
RailiFinnish (and Estonian) short form of Raakeli (see Rakel)
RainoPet form of Rauni
RaitaFinnish raita = 'goat willow' (Latin: Salix caprea) Food
RakeVariant form of Raku
RaliFinnish pet form of Raili
RalluFinnish pet form of Raili
RanghildVariant form of Ragnhild
RapeFinnish pet form of Rauha
RappanaPet form of Rauha
RauhaPeace Small Little Humble Female Version of Paul
RaukkaPet form of Rauha
RaukkiPet form of Rauni
RaunaVariant form of Rauni
RavdnaFinnish spelling of Rávdná
ReeaFinnish variant spelling of Rea
ReeniFinnish spelling of Reni
ReetaPearl Variant Form of Rita Sings Praises
ReijaFemale form of Reijo
RekiinaFinnish form of Regina
RekkiPet form of Rekkiina
RekkiinaFinnish variant form of Regina
RepeFinnish short form of Repekka
RepekkaFinnish form of Rebekka
ReppaPet form of Rebekka
RetriikaVariant form of Fretriika
RetriikkaVariant form of Fretriikka

RietriikkaFinnish form of Friederike
RietrikkaFinnish form of Friederike
RietuFinnish pet form of names containing the name element RIK
RietukkaFinnish dialectal variant form of Rietu
RigmorDanish younger form of Rigmár Rich
RiiaFinnish variant spelling of Ria
RiikkuFinnish variant form of Riikka
RiikuFinnish variant form of Riikku
RiinaMaybe The Pure
RiinuVariant form of Riina
Riita 1Finnish variant form of Riitta
RiittaThe Exalted One
RiituFinnish pet form of Riitta
RikiinaFinnish variant form of Rekiina
RikinäFinnish variant form of Regina
RikkiinaFinnish variant form of Rikiina
RingaName of unknown origin and meaning, some theories:
RipoFinnish pet form of Ritva
RippeFinnish pet form of Ritva
RistiFinnish form of Kristi
RistiinaFinnish dialectal form (East Finland) of Kristiina
RistiinäFinnish dialectal form (East Finland) of Kristiina
RistinäFinnish dialectal variant form (East Finland) of Ristiinä
RistinkkaFinnish dialectal pet form (East Finland) of Kristiina
RistoFinnish short form of Christoph (meaning: Christ carrier). Carrying Christ
RitvaBirch Branch
RodeVariant form of Roda
RonnjaCreative spelling of Ronja
RoosaFinnish spelling of Rosa Rose
RoossaVariant form of Roosa
RosaliinaFinnish variant spelling of Rosalina
RosalinnVariant form of Rosalina
RosamundeFemale form of Rosamund Fame
RosemundVariant form of Rosamunde
RosiinaFinnish spelling of Rosina
RosmariVariant form of Rosemarie
RudolfinaVariant form of Rudolfa
RufiinaFinnish spelling of Rufina
RunoFinnish runo = 'poem'
RusiinaFinnish variant form of Rosiina
RuskaFinnish ruska(-aika) = 'Indian Summer (in Lappi)', derived from ruskea = 'brown'
RuttVariant form of Rut
RuuraShort form of Auruura

RuuruVariant form of Ruura
RuusaFinnish variant form of Ruusu
RuussaVariant form of Ruusa
RuusuFinnish form of Ros
RuutiFinnish variant form of Rut
RuuttiFinnish variant form of Rut
RuutuFinnish pet form of Rut
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