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SaaraMerciful Servant Peaceful Soldier Noble Princess
SaarukkaFinnish pet form of Saara
SädeFinnish säde = 'ray of light'
SafiinaFinnish variant form of Sabina
SaikkaPet form of Saima

SaikkuVariant form of Saikka
SaimeEstonian form of Saima
SaippaPet form of Saima
SaippoVariant form of Saippa
SalkkoPet form of Salla and Salli
SallaFinnish variant form of Salli King of Mask
SallamaariFinnish variant form of Sallamari
SallamariFinnish name
SalliLet as in Let Me
SallukkaPet form of Salla and Salli
SalmeVariant form of Salmøy
SamuelinaVariant form of Samuela
SandraForm of Alexander Helper and Defender of Mankind Man's Defender Manly Virile Defending Men Italian short form of Alessandra (Meaning: Protector). In Germany in the 1970s, very popular also common in the United States.
SandrukkaFinnish pet form of Sandra
SaneVariant spelling of Sanne
SanelmaFinnish name meaning 'story, poem', derived from the Finnish verb sanella = 'to dictate'
SannamariFinnish name
SanniVariant form of Sanna Lily
SannuFinnish variant form of Sanna
SannukkaFinnish pet form of Sanna
SanraFinnish variant form of Sandra
SantruFinnish pet form of Sandra
SapiinaFinnish form of Sabina
SapinaFinnish variant form of Sabina
SappiinaFinnish variant form of Sabina
SaraPure Lady Excellent Form of Sarah Queen Abraham's Wife Priceless Inestimable Solid Precious Best Star Happy Beautiful Hebrew origin, meaning: Princess. Traditional, timeless name, popular in many countries. Known in the Bible as Abraham's wife. Namesake: Sarah Kirsch, German writer.
SarianFinnish variant form of Sarianna
SariannFinnish variant form of Sarianna
SarianneFinnish variant form of Sarianna
SarlinaExtended version of Sara
SarlineExtended version of Sara
SassiVariant form of Sassa
SatuFairy Tale Fable
Satu 1Finnish satu = 'fairy tale' (Finnish translation of Saga)
SebillaVariant form of Sibylla
SeborgYounger form of Säborg
SeeliaFinnish variant spelling of Selia
SeeljaFinnish variant spelling of Selja

SefaniaNordic spelling of Zephanija
SefanjaNordic spelling of Zephanija
SehviFinnish short form of Sehviina
SehviinaFinnish short form of Josefiina (see Joséphine)
SeiaName of a Roman goddess of sown seed who guarded it when it was still underground
SeijaTranquil Serene Red Haired Headland Surname Wood Rose
SeikkuFinnish pet form of Seija
SeljaNordic spelling of Celia
SenijaVariant form of Senja
SenjaCombination of Rose and Anna Favour Hospitality
SenjeiFinnish variant form of Senja
SenjukkaFinnish pet form of Senja
SenniijaFinnish pet form of Eusenia (see Eugenia)
SennuFinnish variant form of Senni
SenuFinnish pet form of Senja
SerafiaNordic spelling of Seraphia
SerafiinaFinnish variant spelling of Seraphina
SereFinnish short form of Severina
SesiFinnish variant form of Sessi
SesiiliaFinnish form of Caecilia
SesiiljaFinnish form of Caecilia
SesiljaVariant form of Sesiilja
SessiPet form of Caecilia
SeveriinaFinnish spelling of Severina
SibilleVariant form of Sibylle
SickanPet form of names containing the name element SIG
SigbrittDutch form of Sigiberta (see Sigiberht)
SignhildVariant form of Signil
SignildVariant form of Signhild Victory
SiikriFinnish variant form of Sigrid
SiikriitiFinnish form of Sigrid
SiiljaFinnish variant form of Silja
SiinaFinnish spelling of Sina
SiiriCombination of Rose and Anna Favour Moon Light Shine Heaven Goddess of the Moon Peaceful Courteous Fennel Victory
SiissaFinnish form of Sissa
SikriFinnish variant form of Sigrid
SiljoFinnish pet form of Silja
SimoonaFinnish spelling of Simona
SinaidaNordic spelling of Zinaida
SiniäVariant form of Sini
SinkkaShort form of Sinikka
SinnaVariant form of Sina
SinneVariant form of Sine

SinttuPet form of Sini
SippaFinnish pet form of Sirpa
SipporaNordic spelling of Zippora
SireneVariant form of Siren
SiriannaNorwegian name
SirjaFinnish variant form of Sirje
SirjeEstonian name deriving from the word sinisirje = 'blue-feathered'
SirkkuFinnish sirkku = 'bunting' (bird, Latin: Emberiza)
SiroFinnish siro = 'graceful, delicate, slender'
SirpaSmall Piece Fragment
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