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TaalaFinnish spelling of Tala
TaavaFinnish variant form of Staava
TähtiFinnish tähti = 'star'
TaikaMagic Spell Frisian side the form of Theodora (meaning: God's Gift).
TaikkaFinnish dialectal variant form (Varsinais-Suomi) of Taimi

TaikkiFinnish dialectal variant form (Pohjanmaa) of Taimi
TaimiSapling Young Tree Follower of Saint Denys From Sidonia
TaimoEstonian variant form of Taimi
TakmarFinnish variant form of Takmari
TakmariFinnish form of Dagmar
TakmiFinnish short form of Takmari
TalviFinnish talvi = 'winter'
TalvikkiPet form of Talvi
TampsuFinnish dialectal variant form (Inkeri) of Taimi
TanjaA Penelope Wife of Odysseys White Shoulder Fionnula Dream Weaver Duck Hard Working Deep Pink
TapaniThe River Godavari The Crowned
TarjaA Penelope Wife of Odysseys White Shoulder Fionnula Dream Weaver Duck Hard Working Deep Pink From Tamar Raft Heaven The Saviour of All Rocky Hill Possessor Of The Good
TärnaSwedish younger spelling of Terna
TaruLegend Myth Little Plant Small Plant Tree
TatjaShort form of Tatjana
TatjanaForest From the Forest Woodland Maid Woman of the Woods
TatjoiFinnish pet form of Tatjana
TatjuFinnish pet form of Tatjana
TeaForm of Tea Tailor Gift Of God
TeijaA Green Field The Warm Sandy Color of a Lion's Coat Golden Brown
TelleVariant form of Tella
TelluVariant form of Tella
TellukkaPet form of Tella
TelluskaVariant form of Tella
TepaPet form of Terttu
TepuPet form of Terttu
TeréseCreative spelling of Terese (wrong spelling of Thérèse)
TeresieVariant form of Teresia
TerheVariant form of Terhi
TerhenetärOriginal form from Kalevala of Terhi
TerhenneitiVariant form of Terhenetär
TerhikkiFinnish pet form of Terhi
TerjaFinnish form of Terje
TerkkiPet form of Terhi
TernaOld Norse þerna = 'maid-servant' (see also ÞER)
TerttuBunch Cluster
TettuPet form of Terttu

ThanitaCreative spelling of Tanita
TheolineVariant spelling of Teoline
TheréseCreative spelling of Therese (wrong spelling of Thérèse)
TheresieVariant form of Theresia
ThilmaVariant spelling of Tilma
ThinCreative spelling of Tin
ThitaVariant spelling of Tita
TihtaFinnish pet form of Juutihta
TiiFinnish variant spelling of Ti
TiilaFinnish spelling of Tila
TiiliaVariant form of Tilia
TiinaGod's Gift Divine Gift Gift of God
Tiina 1Finnish spelling of Tina
TiinuFinnish variant form of Tiina
TiituFinnish pet form of Tilta
TiljaVariant form of Tilia
TilmaFinnish name of uncertain origin and meaning, maybe a variant form of Thelma
TiltaFinnish form of Thilda
TiltiFinnish variant form of Tilta
TiltuFinnish pet form of Tilta
TiltukkaFinnish pet form of Tilta
TimonaFemale form of Timon
TinjaVariant form of Tina, probably inspired by other names ending in -nja
TinnShort form of Tinna
TinniVariant form of Tinna
TintinPet form of names ending in -tin
TinttaFinnish variant form of Tintti
TinttiFinnish pet form of Tina
TinttuFinnish variant form of Tintti
TirtzaLatin spelling of the Hebrew name תִּרְצָה (Tirtzah) meaning 'favourable'
TitteVariant form of Titta
TittiVariant form of Titta
TittieVariant spelling of Titti
TiukuFinnish tiuku = 'bell'
TobbiVariant form of Tobi
TobinaVariant form of Tobia
ToinetVariant form of Toinette
ToiniHorse Shield of Limb Wood Noted Protector Similar to Rose Horse Fame Pretty Rose
ToiveFinnish female form of Toivo
TolviinaFinnish pet form of names ending with -tolviina
TomiThe Lord is Good Japanese name meaning: the Red African name, particularly common in Nigeria, meaning: people.
TominaFemale form of Thomas
TommiHorse Shield of Limb Wood Noted Protector Similar to Rose Horse Fame Pretty Rose German variant of Tommy.
TooniFinnish form of Toni

Toora 1Finnish form of Tora
ToroteijaFinnish form of Dorothea
ToweCreative spelling of Tove
TriinaFinnish variant spelling of Trina
TruutEstonian form of Trud
TuaShort form of Perpetua
TuikeFinnish tuike = 'glimmer, twinkling'
TuiraVariant form of Tuire
TuireFinnish name of unknown meaning
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