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UliiviVariant form of Uliivja
UliivjaFinnish variant form of Oliivja
UljaanaFinnish dialectal variant form (Karelia) of Juliaana
UllaTo Fill Up Rich Powerful Ruler Little Female Bear Will Determination Powerful through his Inheritance Heritage Rich To Fill (a Container) Short form of Ursula (meaning: little bear) and Ulrike (meaning composition of "home" and "ruler"). Particularly widespread in Sweden. In Germany the mid 20th century popular now awarded rare. Namesake: Ulla Hahn, German writer.
UllamaijaFinnish form of Ullamaja

UllariikkaFinnish variant form of Ulriika
UlpuFinnish short form of Ulpukka
UlpukkaFinnish ulpukka = 'spatterdock, yellow water-lily, cow lily, yellow pond-lily (flower)' (Latin: Nuphar lutea)
UlriikaFinnish spelling of Ulrika
UltriikkaFinnish variant form of Ulriika
UluPet form of Ulla
UndaLatin unda = 'wave'
UneVariant form of Una (see *UnR) Be Satisfied
UnelmaFinnish unelma = 'dream, desire'
UnnaShort form of names containing the name element UNN (see Unnr)
UnneVariant form of Unna
UrsuFinnish short form of Ursula
UrsukkaFinnish pet form of Ursula
UrsulaLittle Bear Little Female Bear
UsvaFinnish usva = 'mist, haze'
UunaFinnish form of Una
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