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VäärnaFinnish variant form of Verna
VabuEstonian form of Vappu
ValbeEstonian short form of Valborg
ValfridaFemale form of Valfrid
ValnySwedish and Norwegian form of Valný

ValporiFinnish variant form of Valborg
ValvaVariant form of Vala?
VappeFinnish dialectal variant form (North Finland) of Vappu
VappiFinnish dialectal variant form (North Finland) of Vappu
VappoFinnish variant form of Vappu
VappooFinnish dialectal variant form (North Finland) of Vappu
VarpulFinnish dialectal variant form (East Finland) of Valborg
VarpuliFinnish dialectal variant form (East Finland) of Valborg
VarvoiFinnish dialectal pet form of Varvara (Karelia)
VaulaFinnish vaula = 'climbing plant'
VeemiFinnish variant form of Feemi
VeemiaFinnish variant form of Feemia
VeeraThe Brave Brave Girl
VeerukkaFinnish pet form of Vera
VeeruskaFinnish pet form of Vera
VellamoTo Surge To Swell
VemiFinnish variant form of Femi
VenniVariant form of Wennie
VentlaFinnish form of Vendla
VenttaVariant form of Ventla
VepaFinnish pet form of Vera
VetoraFinnish dialectal form of Dorothea
VetriikaVariant form of Fetriika
ViekkaFinnish pet form of Vieno
ViekkiFinnish pet form of Vieno
ViekkoFinnish pet form of Vieno
VienoGentle Twin
VihtoriinaFinnish form of Victorina
VihtorinaVariant spelling of Vihtoriina
ViiaFinnish spelling of Via
ViidaFinnish spelling of Vida
ViijaFinnish variant form of Viia
ViijuVariant form of Viia
ViikkaFinnish short form of Vivikka
ViinaFinnish form of Vina

ViinuFinnish variant form of Viina
ViiraFinnish form of Vira
ViisaFinnish form of Visa
ViissaFinnish variant form of Viisa
ViisuFinnish variant form of Viisa
ViiuVariant form of Viia
ViivaFinnish spelling of Viva
ViivuFinnish pet form of Viiva
VikeVariant form of Vika
ViktoriinaFinnish spelling of Victorina
ViktorinaVariant spelling of Victorina
VilhelmaNordic spelling of Wilhelma
VilhelmineNordic spelling of Wilhelmine
ViliEye Long Sighted
ViliinaFinnish short form of Akviliina
VilimaVariant form of Villima
VillemoSwedish name of unknown origin and meaning. It was first used by August Strindberg for one of his poems
VillimaFinnish variant form of Vilhelma
VillyPet form of names containing the name element VILL
VilmaLittle Female Bear Knowledge Understanding Wisdom and Knowledge From Wine Country English, Nordic, Hungarian variant of Wilma, a short form of Wilhelmina or Wilhelmine (meaning composition, "will" and "helmet").
VilmiinaFinnish short form of Vilhelmiina
VilmuFinnish variant form of Vilma
ViltaFinnish form of Vilda
VinifredNordic spelling of Winifred
VinnifredVariant form of Vinifred
VirpiFinnish virpi = 'beautiful young and slim tree, bush, branch' (poetic)
VirvaWill O' The Wisp
VirveEstonian form of Virpi
VissaFinnish short form of Luvissa
ViulaFinnish variant form of Viola
ViveVariant form of Vivi
ViviikaFinnish variant form of Vivika
VivikkaFinnish variant form of Vivika
ViwecaCreative spelling of Viveka
VokeFinnish pet form of Vuokko
VokkiPet form of Orvokki
VokkoFinnish pet form of Vuokko
VuokkoAnemone Flower
VuoksaFinnish pet form of Vuokko
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