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QamarLover of Horses Horse Lover The Moon Satellite Arabic name, meaning moon.
QueenaQueen Female Companion Old English origin, meaning: Queen.
QueenieQueen Female Companion Female Ruler English pet form of Queena (meaning Queen).
QueridaSmall Humble String Little Lover Beloved In Begining Beloved Spanish name, meaning: the beloved.
QuianaBlackbird Small Falcon A Bird Able Black Bird Sea Bright Indian name, meaning: The graceful.

QuilanIrish name meaning: the Athletic, originally a family name.
QuinnWisdom Chief Wise Counsel Reason Intelligence Surname Freeman Head Hound Strength Fifth Descendant of Cuinn Fifth Born Born in Fifth Month Irish Gaelic name origin, meaning: the Intelligent, wise, originally a family name.
QuintinaBorn Fifth Latin origin, feminine form of Quintin and Quintus (meaning: the Fifth).
Quintinus→ development of Quintus (meaning: the Fifth). Namesakes: St. Quintinus, martyrs in Amiens..
QuiterieFrench name, meaning: the peaceful, quiet. Only very rarely awarded.
QuitoSpanish form of Quintus (meaning: the fifth) Old French origin, meaning: the Quiet.
QwaraAfrican name, meaning similar to the name of an ethnic group in Ethiopia.
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