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UdayTo Rise Appearance Ascend Rise Sunrise
UdayachalEastern Horizon
UdayanRising Up Rising Name of King of Avanti
UdayasooriyanRising Sun
UdaybhanThe Rising Sun
UddandaNemesis of Evils and Vices
UddhavLord Krishna's Friend
UddiranLord Vishnu
UddishLord Shiva
UditGrown Awakened Shining
UgreshLord Shiva
UjeshOne who Gives Light
UlagappanCreator of the World
UlhasJoy Delight Happiness Water
UmaarahOld Arabic Name
UmairOld Arabic Name
UmakantLord Shiva
UmanandLord Shiva
UmaprasadBlessing of Goddess Parvati
UmaputraThe Son of Goddess Uma Parvati Son of Goddess Uma Goddess Parvati
UmarOld Arabic Name Second Khalifah A Long Individual Life Who has Long Live Flourishing Blossoming Long-lived To Live Long Prosper Variant of Omar Longevity Age
UmashankarLord Shiva
UmayGoddess Parvati
UmeshLord Shiva
UmeshwarLord Shiva
UnmeshFlash Blowing Opening
UpaguptaName of a Buddish Nonk
UpamanyuName of a Devoted Pupil
UpendraLord Vishnu An Element
UqbahThe End of Everything
UrdahavBroad Mentality
UsaamahDescription of a Lion King of Jungle Lion
UsamaLion King of Jungle
UshanguLord Shiva
UshnisinLord Shiva
UsmanTrust Worthy Friend Variant of Uthman Servant of God
UtbahOld Arabic Name Threshold
UteshBest Among All
UtkarsGrowing Step by Step
UtpalWater Lily Fleshless Lotus
UtpalakshLord Vishnu
UttalStrong Formidable
UttameshLord Shiva
UttarSon of King Virata
UttarakLord Shiva

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