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IbhanLord Ganesh
IbhananElephant Faced
IbhananaLord Ganesha
IbhyaPossessor of Many Attendants
IbraheemA Prophet's Name The Biblical Abraham is the English Language Equivalent
IbrahimMy Father is Exalted Arabic Form of Abraham Father of Many Father of a Multitude or Many Nations A Prophet's Name Abraham Earth
IdaaThe Channel on the Left of the Spine
IdabamurvanKrishna's Birth Place
IdaiAwakening Love
IdaspatiGod of Rain Vishnu
IdrisStudious Person One who Instruct Lord A Prophet's Name Eager Lord Impulsive Lord of Fiery Prophet's Name
IdumWarm Nice
IhitPrize Honour
IhkasRespect Honour
IhsanBeneficence Charity Compassion
IieshLord of Earth
IishaanahThe Master Owner Supreme
IjayLord Vishnu
IkhtiarMaster Authority Power Control
IkjotThe One Light God's Light
IkkhataCutting Sacrifice
IkramHonour Respect Esteem Veneration
IkroopOneness with God
IkrutOne Season
IkshitDesired Done with Intention
IlachandraMoon of Earth
IlaiyarajaYoung King
IlamaranYouthful Brave
IlamparidhiYoung Horse
IlamuruguYoung Lord Murugan
IlancheliyanFull of Youthful Potential
IlandevanYoung Master
IlangoChera Prince who Wrote Tamil Masterpiece Silappadhikaram
IlanthirayanYoung Man whose Influence Extends Beyond the Seas
IlarioCheerful Happy
IlashpastiLord of the Earth
IlavalaganYoung and Handsome
IlayaperumalLord of the Earth
IleshLord of Earth
IlinaPossessing High Intelligence
IlisaKing of the Earth Queen of the Earth
IlliyasGod is God
IlooshaLord of Earth
IlyasA Prophet's Name The Biblical Elijah is the English Language Equivalent
ImranBeautiful Prosperity Father of Moses A Prophet's Name Powerful Prosperous
ImthyazThe Chosen One
ImtiazPower of Discrimination Privilege Distinction
InakantaBeloved of Sun
InamdaarGift Giver
InbanEnjoying Person
InbarajKing of Happiness
InbaselvanCapable Sociability
IndareshLord Vishnu
IndeevarBlue Lotus
IndeevarakshA Gandharva King
IndeeverBlue Lotus
InderThe God of Weather and War Lord of the Devas
InderjitConqueror of Indra

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