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RaadheshThe Consort of Radha Lord Krishna
RaaghavLord Rama
RaahiTraveller Good Companion
RaahithyaLots of Money Person
RaahulSon of Buddha
RaajeevBlue Lotus
RaajyashreePropriety of a King
RaakaaDay of the Full Moon
RaakeshLord of the Night
RaamLord Rama God Supreme Spirit
Raam-DattGift of Rama
RaamaanujYounger Brother of Rama
RaamdattGift of Rama
RaaviSun River
RabahGainer Story Teller
RabekGod is One
RabenKing of All
RabhavSkilled Glowing Rays of the Sun
RabhuSkillful Prudent
RabiSpring Breeze
RabinderLord Sun
RabindraEarly Morning
RabineshGod's Pet
RachTo Form
RaddhaSoul of Krishna Lord Krishna's Lover
RadhacharanLotus Feet of Radharani
RadhakantaLord Krishna
RadhakrishnaRadha and Krishna
RadhanathLord Krishna
RadharanjanLord Krishna
RadhatanayaSon of Radha
RadhavallabhLord Krishna
RadheshLord Krishna
RadheshyamLord Krishna
RadheyshyamLord Krishna and Radha
RadhuLord Krishna
RadiIn Concordance Satisfied
RaditeSun Unpredictable and Radicalism
RadleyFrom the Red Meadow
RafaelGod has Healed
RafatElevation Prosperity
RafiComforter Form of Raphael God has Healed Another Name for God Lofty Exalted Delicate
RafiqTrue Friend Helpful Gentle Kind Ally Friend Origin Islamic Trust-able
RagasutraRadha Lover of Krishna
RagavLord of God
RagbhayFearlful Anger
RageshThe Man who Sings Sweet Ragas
RaghaType of Singing
RaghabLord Rama
RaghavLord Rama
RaghavaLord Rama
RaghavanLord Rama
RaghavenderLord Raghavendra Swami
RaghavendranLord Ram
RaghbirWarrior of the Raghu Family
RaghibDesirous Willing Desiring
RaghothamGreatest of All
RaghuThe Family of Lord Rama An Ancient King of Avadh
RaghubeerLord Rama
RaghubirLord Rama
RaghukarInspirer Another Name of Kalidas
RaghukumaraLord Ram
RaghulanSon of Lord Budda
RaghunandLord Ram
RaghunandanSon of Rahgu
RaghunathLord Rama
RaghupathiLord Ram
RaghupatiLord Rama
RaghuramLord Rama
RaghuvanshOne with the Qualities of Lord Rama

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