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CaityaPertaning to the MindThe Individual Soul
CaityakaAbode of ConsciounessA TempleA Stupa
CakaTo be ContentTo Shine
CakraWheelCircleDiscusThe Sun
CakrabhrtDiscus BearerLord Vishnu
CakrabhujHolding a DiscLord Vishnu
CakradevaKing of the Discus
CakradharaBearing a DiscusEmperor
CakradrsaRound Eye
CakrakiPossessing the DiscusLord Vishnu
CakrapaniDiscus Holder
CakrasenaCommander of the ArmyLeader
CakravakaHas a Round Mouth
CakravalaCircleAssemblageA Leader
CakravanaPossessor of the CakraWorshipper of Vishnu
CakravatWith a DiscusEmperor
CakresaLord of the DiscusLord Vishnu
CakrikaDisus Bearer
CakrinWith a Discus
CaksanaSoothing to the Eyes
CaksasLookSightRadianceA Teacher
CaksusyaPleasing to the Eyes
CalaEver MovingCastleFortressLovelyMost Beautiful
CalapatiLord of the Moving
CalebMessengerDogFaithful DogBoldCourageousFaithDevotionWhole Hearted
CamarRod with a Large Tuft of HairAnimal Hair
CamarajaLeader of Anarmy
CamarvalaWith Hair as Fine as a Yak's Tail
CamasCircularResembles a Wheel
CamasaCircularResembles a Wheel
CampakaChampaka Tree
CampatFallen from Glory
CampesaLord of a Campa a Town in Anga
CampeyaFruit of the Kovidara Tree
CampuAn Elaborate and Literary Form of Presenting a Story in Verse and Prose
CamundiSlayer of Canda and Munda
CanakyaSon of Canaka
CandTo ShineTo Gladden
CandakaThe Shining OnePleasingThe Moon
CandanaSandalwoodSoothingDear to the Gods
CandaninAnointed with SandalwoodLord Shiva
CandansuHot RayedSun
CandasaMoon Like
CandavegaMove with a Fierce Speed
CandidasaDevotee of the Fierce
CandipatiLord of CandiLord Shiva
CandrabhanaLustrous as the Moon
CandrajaBorn of the Moon
CandrakaThe Crescent MoonThe Red Mark on the Forehead
CandrakinWearing the MoonThe Peacock who has a Moonlike Eyes on Its Tail
CandramohanAttractive as the Moon
CandranathaKing of the Moon
CandransuMoon-beamWith the Lustre of the Moon
CandrasuryaSun and Moon Conjoined
CandrataNectar of the Moon
CandresaLord of the MoonLord Shiva
CandrestaBeloved of the Moon
CandrilaPossessing the MoonLord Shiva
CanduriLike the Moon
CangadasaA Wise Devotee
CannonOccupational NameOfficial of the Church
CanuraWith Thin Thighs
CapinArmed with a Bow
CarakaWandererA Wandering Religious Student

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