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CaitaliSharp of Memory
CakranemiThe Periphery or Rim of a Wheel or Cycle
CalaEver MovingCastleFortressLovelyMost Beautiful
CamaksiGoddess Name
CammyYoung Girls who Assisted at Pagan Religious Ceremonies
CamundaThe Old Goddess who is Horrible to See with her Necklace of SkullsHer Eyes Full of Blood and her Heavy Club
CandalikaGoddess Durga
CandiClarityWhitenessForm of CandaceGlowingBright
CandikaFierce Goddess
CandradaraRiver on the Moon
CandrakalaArtwork Like Moon
CandramasiLike Moon
CandraniConsort of the Moon
CandrasitaMoon Light
CandrimaLight of the Moon
CanisaVery Dear
CarcikaName of a God
CarinaBelovedKeel of a ShipPureDear Little OneDarling
CarmaGarden or Field of FruitsSongGarden
CarolineLittle and WomanlySong of HappinessFemale Version of CharlesCarlJoyBeautiful WomanLittleWomanlyDiminutive with Royal Connotations
CarudhararDimond ShapeMeet of River
CarulataBeautiful Vine
CauveryName of a River
CaveryName of a River in India
ChaamundeeHindu Goddess Form of Durga
ChaandThe Moon
ChaandvikaBeautiful Moon
ChaarviBeautiful GirlSanskrit

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