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Name: Abhyudaya No. of characters: 9 Gender: Boy Origin: Hindi Kannada Malayalam Marathi Sanskrit Telugu Religion: Hindu How to pronounce Abhyudaya a-bhyu-da-ya Meaning in english: Rising Sunrise Elevation Increase Prosperity Used in: Hindi Marathi Telugu Sanskrit Malayalam Kannada However, it must be taken into consideration that Abhyudaya may have some other meaning in various languages. So make sure, the name doesn't mean something bad in other languages. Abhyudaya is commonly used as Boy name in Hindi Kannada Malayalam Marathi Sanskrit Telugu . Our information will help you in thorough research to give the best name poosible to your baby. More Indian boy names starting with A More Indian girl names starting with A


In some cultures, astological aspects are important while considering the baby name. Following are the astrological background associated with Abhyudaya to understand different merits and characteristics of the name. Rashi or Zodiac Sign: Mesha Denoted By: Ram Ruling Planet: Mars Tattva or Element: Tejas or Fire Nakshatra: Kritika Symbol: Spear or Knife Deity: Agni Lord or Graha: Surya Numerology: 7 You are born in Kritika nakshatra having Surya as lord. The symbol of your name is Spear or Knife and protected by Agni. Rashi of Abhyudaya is Mesha denoted by Ram in Indian zodiac, ruling planet of Abhyudaya is Mars and tattva is Tejas or Fire. Abhyudaya have Taurus / Gemini western zodiac sign depending on the birth time and location. .

Other meanings of Abhyudaya are

prosperities, prosperous circumstances, multiplication by propagation, production of offspring, product, profit, interest, the result of increasing, the act or process of increasing, to wax, as the moon, to become greater, as in number, size, strength, or quality, the distance above a datum level, the state of being elevated, loftiness, grandeur or dignity, nobleness, the altitude of a place above sea level or ground level, the open or beginning stage of any period, the atmospheric and scenic phenomena accompanying this, a piece of rising or high ground, the amount of such extension, a coming into existence or notice, an increase in loudness or in pitch, as of the voice, Chiefly British, raise, an increase in amount, as of prices, an increase in height, as of the level of water, appearance above the horizon, as of the sun or moon, Nautical to cause, to return from the dead, to become louder or of higher pitch, as the voice, to increase in price or value, as commodities, to swell or puff up, as dough from the action of yeast, to become roused or stirred, to prove oneself equal to a demand, emergency, etc, to advance to a higher level of action, thought, feeling, etc, to have an upward slant or curve, to ascend above the horizon, as a heavenly body, to originate, issue, or be derived, to have a source, to come into action, as a wind or storm, to become prominent on or project from a surface, as a blister, to be built up, erected, or constructed, to get up after falling or being thrown down, to get up from bed, especially to begin the day after a night's sleep, a period of leavening of dough preceding baking, an insurrection, rebellion, revolt, in approach of, almost, well-nigh, growing or advancing to adult years advancing, ascending, or mounting, somewhat more than, the act of a person or thing that rises, something that rises , projection or prominence, to become erect and stiff, as the hair in fright, to become active in opposition or resistance, revolt or rebel, to spring up or grow, as plants, to come into existence, appear, to occur, to move from a lower to a higher position, move upward, ascend, to extend directly upward, project vertically, to attain higher rank, status, or importance or a higher economic level, Angling, to become animated, cheerful, or heartened, as the spirits, to increase in height, as the level of water, to increase in amount, as prices, to increase in degree, intensity, or force, as fever, color, etc, to adjourn or close a session, as a deliberative body or court, Nonstandard to cause to rise, an act or instance of rising, elevation or increase in rank, fortune, influence, power, etc, the amount of such increase, an increase in price or value, as of commodities, an increase in degree or intensity, as of temperature, origin, source, or beginning, extension upward, upward slope, as of ground or a road, the distance between the crotch and the waist of a pair of trousers, rise above, to ignore or be indifferent to, as an insult, the rise or ascent of the sun above the horizon in the morning, the time when half the sun has risen above the horizon, the height to which something is elevated or to which it rises, an elevated place, thing, or part, an eminence, the act of elevating, to make greater, as in number, size, strength, or quality, augment, add to, to multiply by propagation, growth or augmentation in numbers, size, strength, quality, etc, that by which something is increased, produce of the earth, offspring, progeny

It is believed in many parts around the world that the persons who bears same name has the similar qualities. So it is worth to take a look at Abhyudaya namesakes.

Abhyudaya Namesakes

Related Names:

Abhy (Tamil; ) Abhya (Sindhi; Marathi; Hindi; ) Abhyagni (Telugu; Sanskrit; Kannada; Hindi; Assamese; ) Abhyan () Abhyank () Abhyas (Hindi; ) Abhyavarshini (Sanskrit; ) Abhylash (Tamil; ) Abhylasha (Hindi; ) Abhylashah (Hindi; ) Abhypsit () Abhyuday (Sanskrit; Hindi; ) Abhyudaya (Telugu; Sanskrit; Marathi; Malayalam; Kannada; Hindi; ) Abhyudev () Abhyudh (Telugu; ) Abhyudhay (Telugu; ) Abhyudita (Telugu; Sanskrit; Kannada; Hindi; ) Adaya (Bengali; English; ) Bhaanodaya (Telugu; ) Chandrodaya (Telugu; Marathi; Kannada; Hindi; Bengali; Assamese; )
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