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Name: Dudha No. of characters: 5 Gender: Boy Origin: Sanskrit Religion: Hindu How to pronounce Dudha du-dha Meaning in english: Voice Milk Used in: Sanskrit However, it must be taken into consideration that Dudha may have some other meaning in various languages. So make sure, the name doesn't mean something bad in other languages. Dudha is commonly used as Boy name in Sanskrit . Our information will help you in thorough research to give the best name poosible to your baby. More Indian boy names starting with D More Indian girl names starting with D


In some cultures, astological aspects are important while considering the baby name. Following are the astrological background associated with Dudha to understand different merits and characteristics of the name. Rashi or Zodiac Sign: Meen Denoted By: Fish Ruling Planet: Jupiter Tattva or Element: Water or Jala Nakshatra: Uttara Bhaadrapadaa Symbol: Back legs of funeral cot, Snake in the water or twins Deity: Ahir Budhyana or Serpant or Dragon of the deep Lord or Graha: Shani Numerology: 2 You are born in Uttara Bhaadrapadaa nakshatra having Shani as lord. The symbol of your name is Back legs of funeral cot, Snake in the water or twins and protected by Ahir Budhyana or Serpant or Dragon of the deep. Rashi of Dudha is Meen denoted by Fish in Indian zodiac, ruling planet of Dudha is Jupiter and tattva is Water or Jala. Dudha have Pisces or Aries zodiac sign in western culture depending on the birth time and location. .

Other meanings of Dudha are

to yield milk, as a cow, to get something from, exploit, to press or draw milk from the udder or breast of, Computers of or pertaining to the use of human or synthesized speech, Phonetics to pronounce with glottal vibration, to write the voice parts for, a voice part, the person or other agency through which something is expressed or revealed, an expressed will or desire, the right to present and receive consideration of one's desires or opinions, something likened to speech as conveying impressions to the mind, the condition or effectiveness of the voice for speaking or singing a sound likened to or resembling vocal utterance, expression in spoken or written words, or by other means, an expressed opinion or choice, expressed wish or injunction, a singer, Phonetics the audible result of phonation and resonance, any of the categories of these sets, to give utterance or expression to, declare, proclaim, to regulate the tone of, as the pipes of an organ, to utter with the voice, to interpret from sign language into spoken language, to extract something from as if by milking, to extract, draw out, to milk a cow or other mammal

It is believed in many parts around the world that the persons who bears same name has the similar qualities. So it is worth to take a look at Dudha namesakes.

Dudha Namesakes

Related Names:

Aaradha (Marathi; ) Abeedha (Hindi; ) Abhidha (Telugu; Tamil; Sindhi; Marathi; Kannada; Hindi; ) Abi pradha (Tamil; ) Abidha (Tamil; ) Abinandha () Abisudha (Tamil; ) Aïdha (English; ) Ajagandha (Telugu; Marathi; Malayalam; Kannada; Hindi; Gujarati; ) Ajanidha (Sanskrit; ) Akshadha (Telugu; Marathi; Malayalam; Kannada; Hindi; Gujarati; English; ) Aksidha (Tamil; ) Ambudha (Marathi; Hindi; ) Amirdha (Tamil; ) Ammudha (Tamil; ) Amodha (Hindi; ) Amoudha (Tamil; ) Amrudha (Tamil; ) Amudha (Tamil; ) Anandhapradha (Kannada; )
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