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KaaliyaA Huge Serpent
KaartikeyaSon of Shiva
KaashinaathLord of Kaashi
KabirName of a Famous Saint
KadambName of a Tree
KailashName of a Himalayan Peak Abode of Shiva
KailashchandraLord Shiva
KailashnathLord Shiva
KailasnathLord Shiva
KaladharOne who Shows Different Phases
KaleecharanFeet of Goddess Kali
KalicharanDevotee of Goddess Kali Feet of Goddess Kali (Goddess Durga)
KalimohanA Devotee of Goddess Kali
KalingA Bird
KaliranjanA Devotee of Goddess Kali
KalkinTenth Incarnation of God Vishnu
KalpakA Heavenly Tree
KalpanathLord of Perfection
KalpeshLord of Perfection Imagination of God's Imaging of God
KamadevGod of Love
KamalaapatiName of Lord Vishnu
KamalajLord Brahama
KamalakarLord Vishnu
KamalakshOne whose Eyes are Beautiful Like Lotuses
KamalanayanLotus Eyed
KamalbandhuBrother of Lotus
KamaleshwarGod of Lotus Lord Vishnu
KamalkantLord Vishnu
KamalnathLord Vishnu
KambojConch Shell Elephant
KamlapatiLord Visnu
KamodA Raga One who Fulfils Wishes
KamranSuccessful Fortunate
KamsantakSlayer of Kamsa
KanaiyaLord Krishna
KandarpGod of Love
KanhaiyaLord Krishna
KanjLord Brahama
KanuLord Krishna
KanvName of a Saint / Rishi
KanvarYoung Prince
KanwalkishoreLotus Lord Krishna
KapaaliLord Shiva
KapidhwajOne with Monkey Flag Arjun
KapilName of a Sage
KapilashwaOne with a White Horse Lord Indra
KapilashwarOne with a White Horse
KapilDevMaster of Kapil
KapindraKing of Monkeys Hanuman
KapirathLord Rama Arjun
KapishLord Hanuman
KaranA Warrior Light The First-born of Kunti Karna Instrument
KarmendraGod of Action
KarmjitWinner over Obstacles
KarnaThe Firstborn of Kunti Gentlemen A Warrior Instrument First Born of Kunti
KarnabhushanEar Ring Ear Ornament
KarnajeetConquerer of Karna Arjun
KartikSon of Lord Shiva Name of a Month in the Hindu Calendar Bestowing Courage and Pleasure
KartikeyaGod of War Elder Son of Lord Shiva
KarunaanidhiSea of Compassion
KarunamayaFull of Compassion
KarunanidhiCharity of Money Treasure of Pity
KarunashankarSiva The Compassionate
KaruneshLord of Mercy
KashifA Connoisseur Revealing Discoverer Another Name for God One who Displays
KashinathLord Shiva
KashiprasadBlessed by Lord Shiva
KashyapName of a Sage
KasishLord Shiva
KatyayanName of a Grammarian
KaushalClever Skilled
KaushaleshLord Rama King of Kaushal
KaushikSentiment of Love Saga Teacher of Lord Rama The Name of God Saint Vishwamitra
KaustavA Legendary Gem A Gem Worn by Lord Vishnu
KaustubhSweet Odour Stone A Jewel of Lord Vishnu
KautilyaName for Chanakya
KaveeshaLord of Poets Lord Ganesha
KavirajKing of Poet
KavishKing of Poets Other Name of Lord Ganesh
KayaanThe Name of a Dynasty of King Kaikobad
KedaarA Field Name of Shiva
KedarA Raga Powerful A Pilgrimage at Himalayas
KedarnathLord Shiva

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