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Benjahmin Derived from the English Place Name
Benjain Of Honorable BirthFrom the Land that was Burned
Benjaman Right-hand SonSimilar to Benedict
Benjamen A Son that Suspends the WatersFurrowHillFarmer's SonSon of TalmaiFarmer or Son of the Earth
Benjamim Derived from the English Place Name
Benjamin Born of the Right HandSon of the One who Loves Horses
Benjamine PrayerFrom the Saint-maurMarshy Land Near the SeaTaylor
Benjaminjoseph Right-hand SonSimilar to BenedictBlessed
Benjamon Derived from the English Place NameWhiteWithinIntelligentDestructionEvening TimeA Flower - Jasmine
Benjamyn Russet-hairedRed-brown HairReddish BrownBright Bay ColorAuburn Haired

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