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Aahaan The Lord has RememberedPeaceful and QuietDelicate
Aayaan Ruler of the HouseShort Form of HenriettaGenerousFemale Version of HenryMoonFameNewsEthiopianOne who is FamousWelcomingHospitablePower of ZeusBelonging to ZeusGuestStrangerWomanBeautiful OrnamentTheresaHarvestSeekerVirginPatron of Housewives and ServantsFlower NameLittle HopeSmall GirlLittle Rose
Abaan Purposeful PeaceWill-helmetWillDesireBrightFamousHospitableWelcomingYoung LadyMaidenDifferentGoddess DurgaGracefulSummaryGistPowerfulMeaningfulLivingOld Arabic Name
Abdurrahmaan A DriverWheel MakerBorn to Bring Me JoyFrom YorubaPleasant MeetingBrings Joy
Adnaan Little Female BearKnowledgeUnderstandingWisdom and KnowledgeFrom Wine CountryHeroicNobleKindAdornmentJewel
Adriaan BlackDarkOf the Adriatic
Affaan Dark and RichWoman from Hadria
Ahaan Strength of GodThe Memory of the LordThe Lord has RememberedGod will StrengthenAbbreviation of EzekielDawnAuspicious DawnMorning GloryFirst Ray of Light
Aivaan Related to Avyan
Alaan Army GuardProtecting ArmyDefending WarriorMy WitnessRefuge of GodMy OrnamentEnlightenedAutumnBrightShort Form of JoakimPermanent
Alyaan Son of All
Amaan Son of AllAmanProtectionWithout Fear
Antwaan FavourGraceGod is GraciousGod has Shown FavourGraciousEagleIntroduced to Britain in the 13th Century
Arhaan GracefulPricelessGraciousForm of AnnaGod has Favoured MeFriendlyGraceFavourMercyKingWinner
Arihaan Noble FriendDiminutive of AlvinInvaluableKnowingKnowledgeableOne who KnowsWiseAcquaintedDestroyer of Demons
Armaan Noble FriendDiminutive of AlvinInvaluableWishLongingSoldierFamous BearerDesire
Arsalaan GraceFavourGod is GraciousGod has Shown FavourMercyGraciousEagleGodVariant of Hebrew Hannah
Arshaan ManPledgeTo Give Something
Aryaan Peaceful FriendFairHolyBlessed ReconciliationJoy and PeaceBlessed PeaceWhite WavePrincessTruthfulAristocratic LadyBasket for Clothes
Avaan NobleBearRockAdherent of the Goddess Artemis
Avyaan One who is perfect
Ayaan HazelnutVariant of Medieval Given Names Avis and AvelineLifeLife GiverDesireBirdNatureTemperamentGift of God
Aymaan Wild BoarBorn in AprilBoar-warrior
Ayushmaan Form of AugustusReveredExaltedWorthy of RespectGreatMagnificentVery HappyIndestructibleHaving Long Life
Azaan Swordsman's StoneLong LivedHandsomeLong Life
Azlaan GreatFemale Version of AugustusIntroduced to Britain by the Hanoverian in the Early 18th CenturyMagnificentVeneratedWorthy of Respect
Canaan From the BrookPlace Name
Christiaan Follower of ChristDiminutive of Christian
Daan Mossy PlaceSon of the Marsh-dwellersRockCoastal RocksSon of CarrMarsh AreaSurnameCharity
Daiyaan Mossy PlaceSon of the Marsh-dwellersRockCoastal RocksSon of CarrMarsh AreaSurname
Dasaan FreemanPark with Deer
Dashaan DarlingDearly Loved
Eashaan Noble Leader
Ehaan RichWith Clear GoalsRejuvenationDelightGrandmotherRich BattlePleasantContending WarD
Eimaan Wealthy GuardianWealthy DefenderWealthFortuneProsperous GuardianGuardian of ProsperityFaith
Emraan Old and Wise AdviserOldOld LeaderSage Ruler
Eshaan Friend of the ElvesFemale Version of ElvinNoble FriendMagical BeingDoeMarkedA Black AntelopeThe Zodiac Sign of CapricornKernelDesiring and Wishing
Evaan FruitfulProductive
Ezaan Strong in WarBattle MaidenStrengthMightPowerBattle-mightyPowerful BattlerMy Father is LightFather of Joy
Faizaan Strong as a BoarPassover
Farhaan GloryHappinessCheerfulnessBeautifulJoyfulLovelyPleasantGood LookingTraveller
Gurshaan FrenchmanFreeFrom FranceGurus' Splendour
Hamdaan IngeniousFrom the HallHealthy HeroArmy Ruler
Hanaan From Hal's Island
Harshaan From the Hare's LandMeadow of the HaresSurnameLustrous Splendour of God
Hasaan From the Hare's MeadowMeadow of the HaresFemale Version of Harley
Hassaan From the Hare's HillMeadow of the Hares
Hridaan Glorious GiftGood Natured PersonGift of Heart
Hridhaan HopeTrustFaithBeliefExpectation Belief

Iaan Keeper of the Hedged EnclosurePride
Ihsaan PursuerSurnameA Shortening of Hunter
Ikraan To PrickCommon Name Given Christmas Girl BabiesHolly Tree
Ilhaan Ruler of an EnclosureHome RulerEstateMistress of the Home
Imaan ProsperousHappyBountifulHardworking
Imraan CheerfulMerryHappyForm of Hilary
Irfaan From the Hunter's Meadow
Ishaan Keeper of the Hedged EnclosureLord ShivaThe SunOne who Bestows Wealth
Ivaan RainbowFlowerRadiance
Izaan Fair BowWhite RingBlessed RingGoddess of the MoonGod's PromiseLaughterSalvation of GodThe Lord Helps MeVariant of ElizabethPledged to GodA LordStrong-willed
Jaan Life
Jadaan RainbowFlowerRadiance
Jahaan From the GlenValleyGlenIt is a Narrow Valley Between HillsIsland
Janaan Healthy ChildYesterdayHarvestGod's GiftGift from GodThe Lord is GraciousGod is MercifulHeart or Soul
Jasaan Mighty SpearmanBlend of Jar and Darell
Jawaan Mighty SpearmanBlend of Jar and Darell
Jaylaan Mighty SpearmanBlend of Jar and Darell
Johaan StrongOpen MindedGod is Merciful
Jordaan Modern Female Version of John and JonThe Lord is Gracious
Jovaan May God Give IncreaseGod will Add Another Son
Kaan JustFair MindedFairRighteous
Kahaan YouthfulDown-bearded YouthJove's ChildYouthDescended from Jupiter (Jove)Soft BeardedName of Lord KrishnaGod of Ganesha
Kamraan ProsperousHappyHardworkingWorkLabourBountifulGod is GraciousCreativeRefers to a Quality of GodSpirit GuideProtectorA Collection of LotusesFull of Desires
Kanaan JustFairTrueRighteousThe Enemy of Desire
Kasaan Son of JohnFrom John's Farm
Kayaan Jehovah has GivenGift of GodLoveSentiment of LoveSagaTeacher of Lord RamaThe Name of GodSaint VishwamitraThe Name of a Dynasty of King Kaikobad
Kaysaan PureKeeper of the KeysDescendant of CaollaidhePrincessUnique
Kenaan Island of the ShipsCenel's Land
Keyaan Jehovah has GivenGift of God
Kiaan Archer's BowYewBow ArmyYew WoodYew Wood was Used for Bows
Kiyaan RulerCyneburg's Field
Layaan He will be PraisedForm of JudithAdmiredJewishA Women from JudeaPraise
Luqmaan JoyHappinessDiminutive of LetitiaTruthGladnessDelight
Maan Renowned WarriorFamous WarriorHeartMindLecturerRespect
Megaan Woman from MagdalaWoman from KynthosThe Biblical Mary Magdalene Came from Magdala Area Near the Sea of GalileeFatA Mixed Caste
Meghaan BitterSea of BitternessA Combination of Marie and AnneRebelliousnesses Wished for ChildA Blend of Marie Star of the Sea and AnneStar of the Sea
Milaan Bringer of LightLightThe Light of IndiaTo Meet
Muskaan AdmirableWonderfulShe who Must be AdmiredWorthy of AdmirationSmileHappiness
Nevaan Woman from MagdalaWoman from KynthosThe Biblical Mary Magdalene Came from Magdala Area Near the Sea of GalileeFatA Mixed CasteHolyPure Soul
Nirvaan From the New HallUltimate Bliss
Nishaan GiverGift of GodForm of NathanGiven by GodSymbol
Nivaan Lives on the New LandChampionDestinyMaster of the Right PathKrishanaTrue WarriorMightiest LordHoly
Quraan PiercesPierce the Vale
Rahmaan LightPitySnow-cladA Western Usa StateSnow CappedEwePeaceful
Rahsaan FifthSurnameVariant of Quentin Fifth
Raihaan DeservingLittle Famous One
Rasaan FifthDerived from Roman Clan NameFrom the Place Owned by the Fifth Son
Rashaan FifthFifth Born Child
Rayaan Red WolfWolf CounselWise WolfPrestigiousHappinessPride and GloryFameLord Vishnu
Rayhaan Deer MeadowFrom the Roe Deer Meadow
Rayyaan CounselorVariant of Raymond
Rehaan ArdentFieryFragrant One
Reyaan From the Raven FarmFrom the Settlement of the Roe DeerFameLord Vishnu
Rhasaan A TownVillageWarrior's EstatePatricianNobleForm of PatrickRoyalNoble WomanSettlement of PoegaPeacock TownHeadAn Ethiopian TitleLovedDesiredSweet
Riaan PiercesPierce the ValeGod has Healed
Ridhaan King's AdviserCounselor-rulerRules with Counsel
Ridwaan Wolf's ShieldContentmentAcceptanceSatisfaction
Rihaan PrinceDestroyer of EnemiesFighter of EnemiesGreat Heart
Rishaan Garden of RosesA RoseDweller by the CrossesWhere Roses GrowGood Human BeingLord ShivaSpirituality
Rivaan Sage of GodRay of Light
Riyaan Meadow Near the RiverFrom Hrypa's MeadowDweller in the Noisy MeadowShouting Man's MeadowLord Vishnu
Rohaan WiselyAdviceDecision ProtectionCounselor-protectorForm of Raymond Guards WiselyMighty Protector
Ruhaan A PenelopeWife of OdysseysWhite ShoulderFionnulaDream WeaverDuckHard Working
Ryaan RoseLittle RoseFlower NameTruthfulKindnessDewFamous Guardian
Safwaan RufusRed-hairedRed SkinnedLittle Red One
Salmaan Rules with Good JudgmentCounsel PowerExaltedOn HighForm of VeronicaTrue ImageWise RulerRules with CounselStrong CounselOne who Brings Victory
Sebastiaan Red HairedHeadlandRedSurnameWoodRoseHolySacred
Shaan Village the Manor HouseWillow FarmWillow SettlementOf the Manor House FarmFamousPride
Shayaan SwordsmanKnifeSingle Edged Knife
Shreyaan The Lord is GraciousName of a SeasonCold
Shrihaan Form of CherylSimilar to CherryLittle and WomanlyDarlingBelovedFreeA Popular Twentieth Century NameLord Vishnu
Sohaan Phonetic Spelling of SchuylerSmart
Subhaan WiselyAdviceDecision ProtectionCounselor-protectorForm of Raymond Guards WiselyMighty Protector
Sufyaan From the Hill on the LedgeProtected HillFrom the Steep Valley
Suhaan Stiles
Sulaymaan From the Hill on the LedgeProtected HillFrom the Steep ValleyLord ShivaLamp of HappinessOne whose Mind is at Peace
Usmaan Noble LeaderRuler of AllHighborn RulerPower of the WolfNobleKindWorld Ruler
Vardaan Loyal OneBoon
Viaan Fair TownAbbreviation of TrevelyanFull of Life
Vihaan PowerStrongHealthyTo be Healthy and StrongVigorousMorningDawnSun's First LightNew Beginning
Vivaan Shield BearerKnight's CompanionBroadEarthUniverseThe Whole WorldLord VishnuEntireAllFull of LifeLord Krishna
Viyaan Sea of BitternessGod is My TeacherStar of the SeaForm of MariahA Bitterly Wanted Child
Yohaan Pleasant StoneTown of VictoryFrom the Friend's TownWine's TownJoyful StoneHomestead
Yuvaan From the us State Name Wyoming
Zayaan ArcherYew WoodYew Wood was Used for BowsYew TreeDiminutive of Yvonne
Zidaan The Lord has RememberedGod RememberGod RemembersGod has RememberedSuperabundanceTo Increase

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