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AadneBoy Variant spelling of Ådne
AageBoy Variant form of Old Norse given name, Áki which means "ancestors or father"
AakeBoy Ancestor Fieldman Pet form of Akaaton Short form of Rakel
AamundBoy Variant spelling of Åmund
AaneBoy Variant spelling of Åne

AanenBoy Variant spelling of Ånen
AanjeBoy Variant spelling of Ånje
AanonBoy Variant spelling of Ånon
AanundBoy Variant spelling of Ånund
AaseGirl Danish variant spelling of Åse
AasgjerdGirl Variant spelling of Åsgjerd
AaskarBoy Creative spelling of Oskar
AasmundBoy Variant spelling of Åsmund
AasoldBoy Variant spelling of Åsold
AasulfBoy Norwegian variant spelling of Åsulf
AavetGirl Variant spelling of Ovet
AbeluGirl Short form of Abelone
AbelunGirl Short form of Abelone
ÅbjørnBoy Danish and Norwegian younger form of Ábiǫrn
AbluGirl Short form of Abelone
AblunGirl Short form of Abelone
AbrahamineGirl Variant form of Abrahamina
AcasiusBoy Norwegian spelling of Achatius
AdamBoy Man Red Earth First Human Being Created by God Red To be Red Ruby A Prophet's Name Man of Earth First Human
AddarBoy Variant form of Adar
ÅdelGirl Norwegian form of Adela
AdeleideGirl Variant spelling of Adelaide
AdelsteinBoy Norwegian modern form of Aðalsteinn
AdelusGirl Former Norwegian variant form of Adaliz
AdlaGirl Swedish short form of Adela Justice
AdlaugGirl Variant form of Arnlaug
ÅdneBoy Norwegian dialectal form of Árni (see Arni) Eagle
AdolfBoy Noble Wolf From the Farm by the Spring From the Well Settlement Old High German origin, meaning: noble wolf. The name was hardly awarded in 1945 in Germany for Adolf Hitler. Namesakes: Adolf Muschg, Swiss writer.
AdorBoy Norwegian name
AdrianBoy Girl From Adria-a North Italian City Dark One From Hadria Man from Etruscan city, Hadria the Adriatic from the stem end. Timeless name that has become increasingly popular in recent years. In the form known as Pope Hadrian Name
ÅfridGirl Younger form of Áfríðr
AgateGirl Nordic spelling of Agathe
AgatheGirl Black Dark Of the Adriatic Greek origin, meaning: the Good. In Germany, known for a millennium. Namesake: Agatha Christie, British crime writer.
AgatonBoy Nordic spelling of Agathon
AgdarBoy Male form of Agda
AgderBoy Variant form of Agdar
AgdisGirl Old Swedish form (and new Norwegian combination) of Ádís
ÅgeBoy Danish younger form of Aki (see Áki)
AgertonBoy Variant form of Agathon
ÅgesineGirl Norwegian name

AggaGirl Pet form of Agathe
AggiGirl Variant form of Agga
AgmundBoy Old Swedish and younger form of Agmundr
AgnarBoy Younger form of Agnarr
AgneGirl Variant form of Agna
AgneBoy Old Swedish and younger form of Agni
ÅgneBoy Norwegian dialectal variant form (Halvemål) of Hogne
AgnerBoy Variant form of Agnar
AgnesGirl Chaste Pure Tortured Virginal Unsullied Latin or Greek origin, meaning: the Pure. In Germany spread for a millennium and unchanged popular. Known among others by Friedrich Hebbel's tragedy "Agnes Bernauer" (1852). Namesake: Agnès Varda, French film director.
AgnethaGirl In addition to the form of Agnes (meaning: the Pure). Namesake: Agnetha Fältskog, Swedish singer in ABBA.
AgnetonBoy Male form of Agneta
AgnhildGirl Swedish and Norwegian name inspired by Ragnhild (see Ragnhildr)
AgnoGirl Norwegian name of uncertain origin and meaning
AgnorBoy Norwegian male form of Agnora
AgnoraGirl Norwegian name
AgnyGirl Norwegian new combination of AGN and NY
ÅgotGirl Norwegian form of Agathe
ÅgotaGirl Variant form of Ågot
ÅgoteGirl Variant form of Ågot
ÅgunGirl Variant spelling of Ågunn
ÅgunnGirl Norwegian name
AgurBoy Old Swedish form of *Agvarr
AgustBoy Variant form of August
AgvaldBoy Younger form of Agvaldr
AhlBoy Former Norwegian and Swedish variant form of Alf
AidGirl Short form of Aida
AiloBoy Variant form of Ailu Ase
AivertBoy Norwegian dialectal variant form of Evert
ÅkeBoy Younger form of Áki Ancestor
AkkimBoy Norwegian variant spelling of Akim
AkselBoy Renowned by God The Lord Remembers Whom Jehovah Remembered God Remembers Powerful Greatest Bigger (God The) Father Is Peace
AkselianeGirl Female form of Aksel
AkselineGirl Female form of Aksel
AksnesBoy Former Norwegian dialectal variant form of Augustinus
AkvilasBoy Variant form of Aquila
AladineGirl Norwegian name of unknown origin and meaning
ÅlaugGirl Norwegian new combination, maybe a younger form of Ólaug
AlbergBoy Norwegian variant form of Albert (see Adalberaht)
AlbertBoy Noble Noble and Bright Highborn Brilliant Noble Famous Bright through Nobility Bright
AlbinBoy White Old English for Brilliant Pale-skinned Bright Blond Fair One Mountain From Alba The White
AlbjørgGirl Faroese short form of Aðalbjørg (see Adalburg)
AlbretBoy Variant form of Albrekt
AlbrethBoy Creative spelling of Albret
AlbrigtBoy Variant form of Albrikt

AlbriktBoy Old Norse and Old Swedish form of Albrecht
AldeGirl Variant form of Alda
ÅleivGirl Variant form of Oleif
AleksanderBoy From the Old House Old He Who Wards Off (Other) Men
AlertBoy Low German form of Athalhart
AletGirl Low German variant form of Alhet
AlexanderBoy Defending Men Helper and Defender of Mankind Protector of Mankind Warrior Defender of Men
AlfBoy Elf
AlfhildGirl Elf Truth
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