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AadneVariant spelling of Ådne
AageVariant form of Old Norse given name, Áki which means "ancestors or father"
AakeAncestor Fieldman Pet form of Akaaton Short form of Rakel
AamundVariant spelling of Åmund
AaneVariant spelling of Åne

AanenVariant spelling of Ånen
AanjeVariant spelling of Ånje
AanonVariant spelling of Ånon
AanundVariant spelling of Ånund
AaskarCreative spelling of Oskar
AasmundVariant spelling of Åsmund
AasoldVariant spelling of Åsold
AasulfNorwegian variant spelling of Åsulf
ÅbjørnDanish and Norwegian younger form of Ábiǫrn
AcasiusNorwegian spelling of Achatius
AdamMan Red Earth First Human Being Created by God Red To be Red Ruby A Prophet's Name Man of Earth First Human
AddarVariant form of Adar
AdelsteinNorwegian modern form of Aðalsteinn
ÅdneNorwegian dialectal form of Árni (see Arni) Eagle
AdolfNoble Wolf From the Farm by the Spring From the Well Settlement Old High German origin, meaning: noble wolf. The name was hardly awarded in 1945 in Germany for Adolf Hitler. Namesakes: Adolf Muschg, Swiss writer.
AdorNorwegian name
AdrianFrom Adria-a North Italian City Dark One From Hadria Man from Etruscan city, Hadria the Adriatic from the stem end. Timeless name that has become increasingly popular in recent years. In the form known as Pope Hadrian Name
AgatonNordic spelling of Agathon
AgdarMale form of Agda
AgderVariant form of Agdar
ÅgeDanish younger form of Aki (see Áki)
AgertonVariant form of Agathon
AgmundOld Swedish and younger form of Agmundr
AgnarYounger form of Agnarr
AgneOld Swedish and younger form of Agni
ÅgneNorwegian dialectal variant form (Halvemål) of Hogne
AgnerVariant form of Agnar
AgnetonMale form of Agneta
AgnorNorwegian male form of Agnora
AgurOld Swedish form of *Agvarr
AgustVariant form of August
AgvaldYounger form of Agvaldr
AhlFormer Norwegian and Swedish variant form of Alf
AiloVariant form of Ailu Ase
AivertNorwegian dialectal variant form of Evert
ÅkeYounger form of Áki Ancestor
AkkimNorwegian variant spelling of Akim
AkselRenowned by God The Lord Remembers Whom Jehovah Remembered God Remembers Powerful Greatest Bigger (God The) Father Is Peace
AksnesFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Augustinus
AkvilasVariant form of Aquila

AlbergNorwegian variant form of Albert (see Adalberaht)
AlbertNoble Noble and Bright Highborn Brilliant Noble Famous Bright through Nobility Bright
AlbinWhite Old English for Brilliant Pale-skinned Bright Blond Fair One Mountain From Alba The White
AlbretVariant form of Albrekt
AlbrethCreative spelling of Albret
AlbrigtVariant form of Albrikt
AlbriktOld Norse and Old Swedish form of Albrecht
AleksanderFrom the Old House Old He Who Wards Off (Other) Men
AlertLow German form of Athalhart
AlexanderDefending Men Helper and Defender of Mankind Protector of Mankind Warrior Defender of Men
AlfinnVariant form of Alvfinn
AlfonVariant form of Alfons
AllertYounger form of Alert
AlrekNorwegian younger form of Alrekr
AlsingUncertain meaning, probably Danish Alsing = 'person from the island Als (Als with an -ingr-ending)'
AltVariant form of Atl
AlvaldYounger form of Alvaldr
AlvardNorwegian variant form of Alvar
AlvarinYounger form of Alfarinn
AlvfinnNorwegian modern form of Alffinnr
AlvgeirNorwegian modern form of Alfgeirr
AlviniusExtended form of Alv (see Alf)
AlvirOld Norse and younger variant form of AlvéR
AmaldusMale form of Amalie (see Amalia)
AmalekLatin spelling of the Hebrew name עֲמָלֵק (Amalek) of uncertain meaning. Theories include
AmalikNorwegian variant form of Amalek
AmandiusVariant form of Amandus
AmbjørnNorwegian variant form of Arnbjørn
AmfinnVariant form of Annfinn
AmundEdge Of A Sword Point
ÅmundYounger form of Ámundi
AnaliusLatin male form of Ana
AnathonVariant spelling of Anaton
AnatonMale form of Anna
AnbjørnNorwegian variant spelling of Annbjørn
AncherCreative spelling of Anker
AndarNordic name
AndersSublime Noble Friend Wise Friend The Manly
AndoVariant form of Andor
AndolfNordic name
AndorfFormer Norwegian variant form of Andor

AndriasNorwegian and Faroese variant form of Andreas
AndrinMale form of Andrine
AndroderFormer Norwegian younger form of Arnrøðr
AndroeNewer form of Androder
ÅneNorwegian dialectal variant form of Ånje
ÅnenNorwegian dialectal variant form of Ånund
ÅnetNorwegian name of uncertain origin
AnfeldtVariant spelling of Anfelt
AnfeltNorwegian name deriving from the Swedish surname, which is a combination of an uncertain first element (maybe from the first name Ane?) and a last element meaning 'field'
AnfinVariant form of Anfinn
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